In the following article we will highlight the data that we have on planet x so far. It has been a journey trying to find the truth about what is happening on our planet, and the journey is just beginning.

Secondary Sun Sightings

Our research took an interesting turn lately with the enhanced images from Gary Lee. They clearly show something other than the sun, and is most likely why the skies are becoming so red as of late.

Not only are the skies becoming much more red, but the entire skyline is now becoming this rusty-red color, especially at sunset time. This is not a lens flare, because the object has depth to it, showing a light source on the  object from top to bottom.

We have good news to report, now that we have the equipment for our research we can now begin phase II, which is to further prove the existence of planet x with more captures. Obviously if something is approaching, it should become more large by the month right?

Increasing Magnetic Compressions











One piece of evidence that debunkers and skeptics don’t want to talk about is the NICT simulator which provided real-time visualizations of  earth’s magnetosphere for nearly a decade, and then abruptly terminated in 2012.

This simulator created a situation that didn’t allow the sun to be blamed for these magnetic compressions and loss of earths south pole/ north pole.  source

On top of this major cover up, these magnetic disturbances are on the rise since 2010(see the diagram below):

mag compression















Image source

This is hard data that clearly shows a distant magnetic object compressing the magnetic field of earth, and it cannot be denied.

















So there is a first if you have ever seen one, national preparedness month, in the midst of several tropical depressions and a  hurricane swirling in the worlds oceans at the current time. The daily mail article is pretty much  asking the question are two suns better than one.

This is something we’ll see more of, as the presence of nibiru is admitted, and the truth comes out slowly but surely.

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The Increase In Red Dusty Skies

red skies,


The red skies are extremely noticeable, especially in the evening time as the sun is setting. How can this be red dust from the sun? How can this be some time of atmospheric anomaly, when the entire sky is dusty red at times? How can this red dust be from the sun if the sun is setting?

The increase in red dusty skies shows that this cannot be from the sun, because as researchers we noticed the red dusty skies as of October 2013. This is exactly when we began to notice the skies changing color, and in 2014, we noticed that the entire skyline would turn a red/pinkish color.

The 2014 red sky was a first, and speaks volumes as to what is going on here, just like in the movie night of the comet we have red dusty skies and a second sun.

And just like in the movie night of the comet most of the people will be taken by complete surprise as events start un-folding.

Shocking Increase In Landslide Events

landslide 4


Here was a 2014 topic we definitely had our eye on because if there was going to be a pole shift we would see a large amount of landslides. The landslides are increasing in scale, which was shown in the Salt Lake Landslide event in Utah.

Of course the mainstream media doesn’t even cover these events, and by the time they do it will most likely be too late to prepare.

6.0 Earthquakes Became Common


The earthquake events the earth is witnessing at the time, are once again happening on a global scale. This is evident by the global shuttering taking place on the helioplots at the current time.

If an object with a strong magnetic presence was approaching wouldn’t we have more powerful earthquakes? Of course we would, and that is exactly what we are witnessing at the time.

earthquakeOn top of the increase in magnitude 6.0 or greater earthquakes we are also seeing an increase in overall earthquakes worldwide. The truth about what is happening will be known to all soon, but for now we are convinced that there is a 99.9% chance planet x is real.

Extreme weather is off the charts, natural disasters are increasing, and every year now a record was broken some where out there in the world. Fireballs continue to be seen on an even larger scale, with multi-state fireballs with sound taking place at the time.

Diseases are on the rise such as Ebola, which there seems to be a new case everyday. Of course we could go on and on with the data points on this subject, but it’s the weekend :-).

For now, we’ll keep reporting on what we find, and don’t leave the rice and beans behind :-).

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