One of the main things that several of youtube subscribers have been noticing as of late has been the long drawn out sunsets. In the local area sunset is 5:14 p.m, which has been moved up as of late and it looks as if there is a new sunset about 15 minutes after the sunset time.

On to the new sunset, there was no moon at all in our local area, and the skies were fairly clear. What, other then an inbound celestial body could be causing these strange happenings?

 Double Sunset Video


two sunsets, two suns, in the skyIt’s pretty clear, to the left we have one light source reflecting off the water, and the second light source is reflecting off the water as well. How is there any debate that something is coming as severe earth changes will continue get worse, and earths severe wobble as well (video link).

Planet X Photo’s From Readers

First, we want to thank the reader that sent in the following images of the second sun below at the 3:00 position:

1-4 018

nibiru, planet, x, photos,

1-4 015 (1)

These images tell the entire story loud and clear, lens flares do not glow white, it’s just that simple.

Excellent Planet X Video

Every now and then you run across a video that really gives you the meat and potatoes of the planet x passage, and a little bit of history of just how long authorities have known about this, watch the video below:


Sinkhole Swallows Several Homes



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