The allsky camera’s have produces some of the best captures, but the timing to capture anything has to be good. Fortunately, I was able to capture the following screenshot:

alll sky footage 3

Zoomed In

all sky orb two

The first thing that jumped out at me was that this is behind the clouds. Notice the fuzzy white color to the bottom right of the red orb.

Next, let’s look at another frame which shows this going behind the clouds!

behind clouds

Here is a zoom in comparison image below: behind clouds three

The next image is the above image but inverted in mspaint:

behind clouds four

What the hardcore skeptic must understand is that the clouds are covering the sun in this case, so we can eliminate a sun dug right off the bat.

Real objects show up the same color, when the image is inverted in mspaint. If you want to test this, simply take a photo of your finger with the sun in the background, and you finger should have similar color.

If we look at the above image using a thermal effect we can see a slightly red heat signature:

thermal two

Let’s take a look at the first image shared:

thermal 1

You can see the slight red ring around the spherical object so this is interesting.

Based upon this simple analysis, we believe this is a real object in our skies, based upon the heat analysis alone.

There is no stellarium reference needed, this object is huge! The area in which this was caught is near the southern hemisphere:



Very interesting capture, and if this is planet x, it should continue to get bigger on the webcams.

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