There have been no shortage of signs of planet x for the month of November 2014. In this article we will recap a few signs that are disturbing, and is a reason why everyone who is reading this should be making plans to prepare for the worst.

The world is run by a group of satanic, and service to self satanists who worship lucifer, do not expect a timely announcement of planet x from people who have a vested interesting in maintaining the cover up. Many people will say things such as, “if there was a large celestial body in our solar system we would know it”, or “everyone would see it”, Or how about ” This object would defy the laws of science” and ect ect…

These same individuals do not acknowledge the planet x evidence, they just say things like it isn’t possible but they fail to explain exactly why, and fail to acknowledge the fact that most of what we all come to learn in school is a lie and used to dumb us all down(click here to read more on that).

Our YouTube channel could be attacked, flagged, or shut down, so we will be focusing more on this website at the moment so stay tuned for updates.

Sunrise Photo’s Facing West

Why take photo’s facing west instead of east? Because we want to reveal to our readers that this is not the area where the sun rises but notice the sky color below:



How can the entire sky line be this color if the sun is rising in the opposite direction? This is confirmation of the sun reflecting the dust from planet x , aka hercolubus.

The second picture is taken facing west, which clearly shows an orange /red streak going across the entire  skyline .



So once again, why are these photo’s so important? Because you can’t blame venus for what is happening in our skies, you can’t blame the sun, you can’t say any of the same excuses people try to place on what is happening in our skies. The governments of he world know that planet x is real, and there is a wrecking ball headed our way.

The sun is rising in the complete opposite direction of where this photo was taken, and just look at how bright the sky is.

Photo Location: Mississippi, U.S.A

Time : 7:40 Am

Direction: Facing Directly West

Equipment: Fujifilm s8300

 Big Earthquakes On The Indo-Australian Plate

We have been tracking earthquakes in Indonesia and there have been strong but moderate earthquakes ranging from 4.0  – 5.0 which is alarming enough. However, November brought more significant earthquakes where there is currently a lock, that is waiting to be unlocked.

tectonic movement


The area where key earthquakes occurred in November took place where the Filipino plate, Australian plate, And Eurasian plate  meet. Read more on the 7 of 10 sequence by clicking here. The last 10 years have been nothing short of incredible for significant earthquake events, and in 2014 we have exceeded the total amount of significant earthquakes 6.0 or greater for 2013. source


North American plate bow stress was also evident in the region where the new madrid earthquakes will assist with the tearing of the Mississippi all the way up to the great lakes as Edgar Cayce envisioned. – read more


The above image reveals  magnitude 1.0 – 4.0 earthquakes in the United States. The picture is clear,  the north american plate is reacting to the adjustments taking place on other tectonic plates. Notice how every major hazard area such as the super volcano of Yellowstone, new madrid, Mammoth Lake super volcano, and the San Andreas is showing activity, especially the San Andreas.

Volcanoes that showed unrest included the Mount Aso volcano in Japan, blasting out chunks of magma causing flight disruptions. The askja volcano showed continued unrest in the active bardarbunga area.

One of the ongoing patterns has been non-reporting of the earthquakes taking place at Yellowstone, which is covered by researcher Mary Greely.

Marshall Law Build Up

In what seems to be an orchestrated event, the Ferguson verdict for the death of Mike Brown showed not guilty, despite the lack of evidence of the actual shooting.  One would believe that the event would have been placed in the court of law to hear and see all of the evidence, but instead parts of Ferguson Missouri ended up burning when the statement was made on the non-indictment decision of Officer Darren Wilson.

Just like the world witnessed with the Boston Bombing event, we see the military police forces in full gear, except there isn’t anyone entering homes as witnessed with the Boston bombing, at least not yet.

Tunnel Shut Downs

Frankfurt subway is set to shutdown in mid 2015, this could be used as a  bunker for the planet x passage , read more here. The estimate is May 2016 for the the climax of this celestial event, and panic to begin around the third quarter of 2015. Ferguson is just the beginning of things to come, with a series of events that could unfold between now and the pole shift.

For anyone in doubt that planet x is real just check out the following youtube channel link here.

Obama is currently weakening the United States further with illegal immigrants, and of course the dollar is currently weakening rapidly with prices for food on the rise(read more about why we believe in the economic collapse).

Crazy Weather


While the world is focusing on Ferguson the small town of Cody Wyoming was affected by hurricane force winds, which knocked out power and surprised residents. The Jet Stream is also currently having fits, with the jet stream dropping south of Morocco, with unprecedented flooding between November 22nd – 23rd.

The extreme weather didn’t stop there, as a massive snowstorm pummeled the Northeast of the United states dumping more than 7 feet of snow

in some areas.

Keep in mind the above news events are only a few events, it would take much longer to highlight all of the extreme weather events.

So, what if nothing happens? Well that is fantastic! the earthshiftx team would love for nothing to happen and life to continue as normal, but think about it like this, would you rather have preparations and not need them? Or need preparations and not have them?

With all of these events unfolding, and we only covered a few things,the earthshiftx team believes it is now wise to create a survival preparedness plan just like the governments of the world. The video below will help you if you choose:

youtube channel link


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