Very Interesting video, which highlights periods of global cataclysms that couldn’t all just be made up. Take note of how descriptive some of these ancient tales are, and if everything was just made up, there wouldn’t be a pattern of these events taking place on earth.

Here is what Nancy Lieder and the Zeta’s think about the passage of planet X:

Sling Orbit

“The sling orbit of Planet X brings it in an almost straight line past the Sun, in a 3,657 periodic passage.This sling orbit is caused by the orbit of Planet X going round two Suns, our Sun and a dark, unlit, binary twin.Most Sun’s are part of a binary pair, and scientists have recently acknowledged that the discovery of Sedna and Zena, two planetoid far out beyond Pluto, indicate our Sun is likely part of a binary pairing. 

Planet X zooms toward the Sun in its sling orbit, then puts on the brakes due to the gravity repulsion force, which is a back wash of gravity particle. This occurred in 2003, when Planet X arrives in the inner solar system.

Coming in from the direction of Orion, it was seen as a dramatic Second Sun as sunlight reflected off the dust cloud shrouding Planet X, bouncing this reflected light back toward Earth. The Zetas describe why the sling orbit is both composed of great speed as Planet X approaches one of its suns, then a slow creep past the sun.” –

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