Earthquakes – A strong magnitude 6.0 earthquake took place in the New Britain region, at a deep 60 kilometers along the Indo-Australian plate.

australian, indo, indonesian plateThere was a series of small but strong earthquakes from magnitude 3.0 – 4.0  in the following countries and cities: Nevada, Italy, Bolivia , Iceland, Okhotsk   with a strong magnitude 5.3 earthquake in western Sichuan China.

Small but significant earthquakes include a magnitude 0.7 earthquake in Ridgley Tennessee ex, which is directly on the new Madrid fault zone.

A magnitude 1.1 earthquake also took place on the new Madrid seismic zone also in Ridgley Tennessee.




A total of 50 people have died from Mount Ontake in Japan during the toxic gas last week as people hiked near 10,000 feet to the summit.

The Yellowstone volcano experienced a small cluster of earthquakes measuring 0.4 and 0.5 in magnitude. Just yesterday, mount Sakurajima volcano erupted in Japan, which looks to be one of the many active areas in Japan as of late. source

Extreme Weather

An article out of the daily mail mentioned that the driest September took place across the UK , and is one of the warmest. Dry conditions have also affected areas such as Texas in the U.S.A, as lakes in the area only 38% full due to dry conditions. source

Typhoon Phanfone has a wind speed of 120 miles per hour, with wind gusts reaching 148 miles per hour. The projected path of this typhoon is going through Japan.

Ebola – You can’t talk about Texas now and days without talking about Ebola, with the latest news headlines reading that possibly 5 students could have been exposed to Ebola. source

A while back, we noticed the Rsoe website mention that Ebola was a global emergency and the virus did not spread all across the world, and now the situation has hit in area where it could possibly spread quickly. At the current time Ebola has a 70% mortality rate, which means 70% of people who are infected with Ebola will die from the disease.

Is this a false flag event being used to bring in martial law before a planet x announcement?

Only time will tell, in the mean time, it is a wise decision to strengthen your immune system and be cautious of your environment as this virus is contagious and would not be spreading if it wasn’t. There is no telling how many people could be infected, and hopefully all with Ebola will recover.

Here is a helpful link for strengthening your immune system.

source 2

Power Outages  – A power outage took place in Conroe, Texas Chevron chemical planet and resulted in a temporary shutdown. A power outage monday left between 2,200 – 2,300 without power, due to equipment failure in Vale Canada.

Zombies & Resignations – Secret service director Julia Pierson resigns after the breach at the white house.  A very popular Atlantic Orchestra Ceo Osmo Vanska resigned. Today we have an odd, article from abc, discussing how zombies can help prepare for natural disasters.


Train Derailments – 12 people were killed and over 45 people were injured as two trains collided in Gorakhupur India. The cause of the train derailment is still pending an investigation. – source


Strange mystery fireball event taking place in Michigan, can’t confirm whether or not this is a group of fireballs, but notice the source of where the streaks are coming from.

The angle of the streaks show a trajectory from the top of the sky to the bottom of the horizon as if something is indeed falling from space. The latest fireball report from the american meteor society reveals a bright shooting star, with the eye-witness account saying the following:

“I am 60 years old, and this is the longest, brightest shooting star I have ever witnessed.” – source

At the current time we have IMF field lines which are deformed on the megnetoshpere Y cut. The NASA all sky fireball network is reporting a total of 32 fireballs, with a total of 310 reports of fireballs pending investigation at the American meteor society.  source

Planet x – We have been monitoring the skies and we have no recent images of anything strange in the skies concerning planet x. We will notify our followers if we find any kind of strange shapes, orbs, or anything that could be planet x.

One important fact we have been noticing is the frequent increase in red skies which has been more  obvious as of late, and consistent.

At the current time our research is leaning towards planet x coming in at an angle instead of  next to the sun, on a long elliptical orbit as described by Robert S Harrington and carlos munoz ferrada.

The western sky is an area to continue to watch as move into 2015, in anticipation for a 2016 flyby of the comet planet. Once again friends, this is an estimate, so we could be wrong on this matter.




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