kurilA deep 200 kilometer earthquake took place in El Salvador measuring 4.5 in magnitude. A magnitude 4.5 earthquake took place at deep 536 kilometers.

Additional earthquakes include a 4.7 earthquake in Crete Greece, 4.8 in Iceland, 4.0 in Taracapa Chile, 4.6 in Iceland, 4.8 in Azerbaijan, 4.4 Seram Indonesia, 4.7 in northern Columbia , 4.5 earthquake in the west coast of Columbia, 4.5 in Iceland, 4.5 earthquake took place in Southern Greece, and  a magnitude 4.5 earthquake in Southern Greece.

One of the  strongest tremor occurred in the Kuril Islands measuring 5.2 in magnitude in the Kuril Islands. A magnitude 5.2 earthquake took place at a depth of 90 kilometers in the Philippine Islands Region.

Volcanic Activity

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A new channel of overflow has been established at the Stromboli volcano yesterday. The Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland continues with eruptive activity, as large amounts of lava continue to erupt from active fissure vents. source

The following is a list of currently erupting volcanoes and minor volcanic activity is highlighted in yellow:

volcano collage


Train Derailments – In Joahannesburg a goods train transporting sulfur in plastic bags derailed close to the Jubilee Mall in Hammanskraal South Africa. source

An absolute flurry of plane crashes took place yesterday in Wichita falls, Paris, and Ecuador. Killing a total of 11 people and injuring several others. source 1 |source 2 | source 3 

Power Outages – Severe storms caused thousands to be without power on Thursday and Friday in Texas. A power outage in Charlotte suddenly blew out nearby. A car accident in vernon caused a power outage, and 1900 PGE customers in North West Portland Oregon were without power on Thursday.

Power outages are taking place in spring Lake, and Matawan, and last but not least a power outage occurred in Santa Barbara, which took out power in the Summerland area. source

Water Main Break

sinkhole, sinkholes

Here’s a re-occurring theme, a water main break shuts down a highway and leaves residents evacuating in Saanich Toronto. The water main break caused a massive sinkhole at the intersection of Burnside and Wilkinson Road. source

Drought – Some good news for a change, as drought conditions improve as a heavy monsoon rain helped conditions in Arizona. However, the drought is expanding across Oklahoma city and has increased by 4.94 percent.

The pumpkin party has a party pooper in the form of drought as water shortages mean smaller pumpkins for satanic Halloween celebrations.12 counties are being affected by drought which has lingered on for four years now on the west coast of the United States. source


In Lehi Utah an irrigation pipe burst under a road in a new subdivision, spilled thousands of gallons of pressurized water and causing a road to collapse on Friday. source

 The Build Up For A Natural Disaster & Weather Extremes

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 If you haven’t read our previous article on the build up for a natural disaster, you must read that article, it is very important. Today, Aaron Johnson, Executive Director for the USDA had designated eight counties in Idaho U.S.A are natural disaster areas.

Excessive rain, flash flooding, and hail occurred from July 25, 2014 through September 1,2014. The following counties have been designated: Bingham, Bonneville, Clark,  Minidoka,  Blaine,  Cassia,  Jefferson,  and Powersource

You would think that the public would be warned about planet x, but just yesterday we witnessed our local news not even mentioning the super typhoon headed towards Japan.

Do you remember our video report that we published yesterday? In this report we highlighted the same region that was generating hurricanes and tropical storms showing signs of another system in development.

Today that system is now a category 4 hurricane by the name of Simon, with wind speeds up to 176 miles per hour. Phanfone has strengthened into a category four hurricane and will impact Japan shortly. source

 Ebola & Cyber Attacks – An inside source gave us the heads up on cyber attacks happening in the near future and on October the 2nd Jpmorgan was hacked, affecting 76 million households. read more

Fears of Ebola are spreading in Dallas, and  now in Newark Liberty International airport a sick man arrived from Brussels was rushed to the hospital amid suspicions of infection. source

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  1. welcome to Cali!i opened one eye dunirg the Northridge quake my roommates were freaking out, but i figured if the house wasnt on fire and if they had it under control then i could go back to sleepmany more tremblers to come, so hang tight!