ridgeEarthquake activity is moderate but still strong for today, with two strong 5.4 earthquakes, with the first taking place on the western Indian-Antarctic ridge.

The second 5.4  earthquake took place on in Papua, Indonesia at a depth of 40 km. Another magnitude 5.1 earthquake occurred in Fiji at a shallow 10 km in depth.

A magnitude 2.1 earthquake struck the Morrilton Arkansas area in the U.S.A. This particular tremor is by the new Madrid seismic zone which currently active in recent years.ridge, iceland

Smaller tremors continue at Mammoth lake and parts of southern California with a flurry of smaller tremors. A strong 5.0 earthquake struck the active Iceland area, measuring a depth of 12.4 km.

A magnitude 5.5 earthquake took place in Sorong Indonesia at a depth of 139 km, and the entire indo-austrialian plate is active at the moment. source

Volcanic Activity –  At mount Sinabung in Indonesia, lava extrusion is continuing, with a group of small but moderate pyroclastic flows this morning.


Drones aren’t just used for spying , today we have drone camera that took a look inside the active  Bardubunga volcano:


Yesterday, a plume was spotted at 20,000 feet in altitude at the sabancaya volcano, but might have been confused with a weather cloud.

Weather Extremes

record book

Here’s a former rare sight, that is now common, three weather systems swirling in the oceans at once. It is almost as if we are looking at the sequel to the day after tomorrow.

First a volcanic eruption in Tokyo, and now  the powerful typhoon Phanfone with wind speed of 167 miles per hour, and wind gusts at 204 miles per hour is bearing down on Tokyo.

550 flights have been canceled for early Monday, at Tokyo’s Haneda and Narita airports.

Power Outage – A devastating power outage took place today in Auckland New Zealand, after a major fire took place this morning at an electricity substation. A flash flood took place in Trinidad and Tobago yesterday, and today a chemical spill in Saskatchewan Canada.

Diseases – The Ebola patient in Dallas is currently struggling to survive according to the Center For Disease Control head.

Now that one 4 year old boy has died from the severe respiratory illness Enterovirus, the Hamilton Township district is tracking all students who are sick. source 1 | source 2 


Two Pacific engineers were injured when their train derailed in Mer Rouge early Sunday afternoon after colliding with a truck that was stuck on the tracks. source

Planet X Related Photo’s

planet x, red , dust ,

Today we have a picture of the red dusty skies that are now prevalent as the sun sets and the sun rises. The above image was shot at sunset time with no signs of the western sky object, however, the pink red dust was there, and we witnessed the most amazing sight that we have never seen before in the next image below:


The debunkers of planet x will hate this picture, it clearly shows the sky turning yellow in the west, and the sun’s light shining on the trees in the west.

This picture was taken at 7:12 A.M in the morning with the sun rising in the east. Notice closely the shadows below the trees, and where the shadows are located, below the trees. The second image below further proves the existence of our suns binary partner with the yellow skyline facing west, with a distinct bright yellow/vanilla color to the sky .

DSCF0516[1]For anyone who believes that we faked these pictures you can buy any new camera and you place the date and time settings on the images and you will see the exact date and time on the bottom right hand corner of the images. We gain nothing out of lying to people, and we do not hide our photo taking methods.

Instructions for verifying our claims, simply buy a Fujifilm s8300 , turn on the camera, go to menu, then select the set tab. Go to date and time, and the date and time will be on the photo’s you take. These photo’s are authentic, and you can simply look at the skies and see that we are telling you the truth.

At the current time the Ebola threat is still real, and the clamp down on alternative media is beginning. Watch for more cyber attacks as we witnessed recently, and if you are in the northern hemisphere, watch the western sky towards the end of October.

We do not know how much longer we will be able to operate this website, as recently there was trouble with the software program we use, and the earth changes could pick up so much so, that internet access might become more difficult.


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