It’s been an interesting trip down the planet x lane, and one of the main things that have been noted as fact is the wrong moon position, using software that was recommended to us by people who go by software to see what’s in space, and not their own equipment.

The next piece of evidence that continues to show itself is the strange source of light to the south just before sunset. It surely cannot be the sun, as that source of light is no where near the sunset. The following is a video that is a real awakening to those who are planet x naysayers and debunkers:

That simply cannot be the sun in this video, especially seeing the red reflection off the water, it’s just that simple.

Last but certainly not least, there is the purchases of potassium iodide which is most likely for nuclear fallout. If a planet x type event were to happen it would be mandatory to have a storage of pills just in case several reactors end up failing.

Of course this is just speculation, but obviously purchasing 14 million potassium iodide tablets has got to raise eyebrows to fellow planet x researchers.

The last video that we want to share is a tough video to watch, and it sums up everything we have been writing about all this time, the earth is going through a major change and something has to be causing it:

Fukushima highlighted the situation in Fukushima and how there are now higher than normal radiation in California. Russia today published an article on how the radiation levels have reached eight times the government standards.

On top of all of this, there are still earthquakes happening near the area, this situation does not look good and it is a smart idea to take measures to protect yourself from harmful radiation levels, as there is no clear solution for this ongoing disaster.

The following is a video with a top scientists on this matter:

Significant Earthquakes

Below is a list of magnitude 4.0 or greater earthquakes for 1/11/2014:


Volcanic Activity

At the mount Sinabung volcano we have continued activity which generated ash plumes rising up to a few kilometers, here is video of some of the recent pyroclastic flows:

Take note, that mount Sinabung has erupted 24 times on Friday 1/10/2014.

Mass Animal Deaths

fish death, deaths, ]

Hundreds of fish died in the Rio Grande area , with police still trying to figure out what caused the deaths. And in Lake La Molina there were hundreds of fish found dead in a pond. – source

In a popular and well-known Redwood Shores bird watching area there were 150 dead ducks in a pond in the past week. –source


fireball reports

There were a total of 21 fireball reports for 1/11/2014 and currently 41 pending reports of fireballs according to the American meteor societies website. –source

Nasa’s all sky cameras scanned a total of 14 fireballs, with all 14 being sporadic fireballs. – source


Event Map

We will be tracking many of the water main breaks and tectonic plate movements to give a big picture of some of the earth changes. The topic we are watching closely are the plate movements as this will be one of the many things to watch in 2014 when it comes to planet x and future events. By recognizing a pattern maybe something can be seen that normally wouldn’t be seen.

Adding the green highlights to the map helps recognize seismic fault zones, which is important to putting together pieces of this giant puzzle. As you can see on this map water main breaks in general on the eastern part of the United States, and there is a fault zone in this general area called the ramapo fault zone, so this will be something to keep an eye on.

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