Today we have a new image from a reader that we will be analyzing, this image has been layered:

nibiru, photo


At the bottom left of the image we can see the object in question, and the next image shows the inverted color of this object:















Here we can see something at the bottom left of this image, we will let readers determine what this object could be. The only way to know for sure something is coming is to start recording and capturing images, and if you find something you would like to share email us at, we are working to get down to the truth about planet x, and so far there have been some interesting images shared with us.

A good question was asked by an amateur astronomer on the subject of planet x, and that question was where is planet x? Obviously something is being caught on cameras, but to say that planet x is right below the sun can’t work because earth makes it’s yearly orbit around the sun.

Could planet x/ hercolubus be coming from a farther distance out, such as shown in Gill broussards estimate orbitals of planet x:

planet 7 x,

Researcher Gill Broussard  has based his estimates of planet 7x in line with biblical references in order to provide estimates of the location of planet 7x. Keep in mind these are estimates and they are not set in stone.

solar flare

Following Carlos Ferrada’s estimates planet x/ herculobus could increase its speed as it makes it’s way in, but he never gave an exact date for when everything could start taking place. Carlos has credibility due to his stunning accuracy of earthquakes before they took place:

Becoming an amateur astronomer helps on these types of topics, but it is clear that something is causing the earth changes, increase in fireball reports, 24 hour magnetic field compression and a host of other strange events.

A level of doubt can be healthy to any research project, but so far, the moon out of position is a fact, we have checked moon position with professional astronomical software and some nights it is not even visible in the location we have seen it on the previous night.

Here are the two astronomical software’s that we use to see the abnormal moon positions, first hand:

Let’s Go over a few of today’s earth changes: 

Earthquakes – A moderate 4.4 earthquake struck in Fontana California and residents living in the area reported the earthquake as moderate. A swarm of earthquakes took place in Western Turkey today, with one of the largest tremors measuring 2.8 in magnitude.

A 5.0 earthquake struck in the Hindu Kush Region in Afghanistan, 4.8 in the Mid Indian Ridge, 4.5 in the Kuril Islands, 4.4 earthquake took place in Java Indonesia and a 5.4 in San Juan Argentina. A 4.7 took place in the sea of Okhotsk, and a 4.4 in Jujuy argentina.

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Volcanoes – One of the more active volcanoes has been the Sinabung volcano in Sumatra Indonesia as the volcano intensified again today producing pyroclastic flows, with ash plumes that rose to 25,000 feet in altitude.

There is activity at the aso volcano located in kyushu Japan,with 2 vents in the Nakadake crater during the night:

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 Mystery booms on the rise – Today we have a report of a loud boom in Southwestern Iowa, as dozens of people in Council bluffs rushed ot Facebook to post about a loud noise. This loud noise has been occurring once a week for two and a half months according to Kathy Batie. – source

As mentioned, on the eastern part of the United States there is clearly something taking place on a massive scale. As loud booms accompanied by earthquakes, and water main breaks (see the map below).

The zetatalk website once again explains this phenomenon in detail:

Where initially only a hum, and only in certain notorious parts of the world, rock under stress has become noisy. Known as the Taos hum, the sound of a diesel engine running somewhere underground was an early entry.

Then the Seattle drums entered the arena, rhythmic booming which was ascribed to flapping manhole covers. Booms from snapping and heaving rock were reported in the New Madrid region and humming along the St. Lawrence Seaway increased. – Zeatalk

The mystery booms and noises resemble a movie scene were there is something coming, and based upon what is taking place we would agree.

Water main breaks – From this point forward we will be plotting the water main breaks on the zeemap software, so we can all get a visual on where these water mains are breaking. The plan is to track anything that could be related to large  tectonic place movements.

Here is a water main break which took place in Massachusetts:

WHDH-TV 7News Boston

History Breaking Train Derailments

train derails


In Casselton North Dakota was a train crash which led to 400,000 gallons of crude oil, which was one of the largest oil spills from a train crash in U.S History.

Wild Weather

instant fish freeze


A picture is worth a thousand words here, in Norway, a strong wind immediately froze sea water, trapping thousands of fish in the process. –source

California drought –  Continued drought conditions are affecting California, as residents are looking at falling reservoir levels, dusty air and thirsty lawns, and breaking records. – source

Mass animal deaths – 100,000 catfish & bass have died-off  in Sparks Marina Nevada. At the current time the reason for the loss of oxygen is currently unknown. –source

Heavy rains Mindanao floods and landslides have led to 23 deaths in the Philippines. – source

Final Thoughts

It is clear something is causing the increasing in volcanic activity, earthquakes in strange places, mass animal deaths puzzling scientists, extreme weather, sinkholes swallowing houses, loud booms, magnetic field compression, record breaking increase in fireball reports, gas explosions, drought, water main breaks, moon displacement, water column displacements, and preparation by the ruling class for what seems to be a large scale disaster.

Informer news posted an interesting video today about a red dwarf system in bound:

We like informer news, but it would be great to get the orbital position/links to the sources, on this red dwarf, if it’s out there.

Is this all leading up to a planet x passage, well, it’s not all that far fetched, as new exo planets are being found all of the time. The last bit of evidence that we need to have 100% verification of planet x/nibiru, is to see it, and that bit of evidence is on the way when we can get the equipment to record.

In the mean time, we will leave you with one of our favorite new survival series on youtube, that can help if you have very little money to buy some of the preparedness items out there:

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  1. I really appreciate your thoughtful and balanced approach to this subject. A couple of years ago, I started researching the possibility of a thread connecting all of the phenomena you mention. Initially I was just trying to determine a cause for the erratic weather being experienced worldwide, but, as indicated, my search quickly expanded. I don’t know whether Planet X is the culprit but now am significantly convinced that, whatever is besieging our planet, originated in space. While human contribution to environmental woes is fact, I do not believe that explains the rapid acceleration of the phenomena you address. Keep up the good work! And thank you for posting basic survival information.

  2. “…some nights [the moon] is not even visible in the location we have seen it on the previous night.” I am an amateur stargazer and avid user of Stellarium. I have noticed this also.