A magnitude 6.6 earthquake struck in Jujuy, Argentina yesterday. This is the same region the Chilean astronomer Carlos Munoz Ferrada told us to look for increased seismicity. There were no reports of damages in this event, or injuries to report.  –source

Yesterday there was a 2.3 on the new Madrid seismic zone, which will be a continued area to watch.

Other Earthquakes in the region  include  two 3.2 earthquakes in Tarapaca Chile, along with the following tremors.

Magnitude Depth Location


turrialba costa rica

The latest news out of the Turrialba volcano is showing an increase in volcanic emissions since the early hours of Wednesday February 11th, 2014. The vapor and gas surprised those living near the volcano, just east of Cartago. read more 

Last but certainly not least the Colima volcano in Mexico displayed an explosive eruption caught on video,  spewing ash high into the sky.

There has also been volcanic explosions at the Fuego volcano nearby, which sent rock and ash over the surrounding towns Saturday.  What is taking place is not normal, the planet has out-paced the normal amount of volcanic eruptions at this point in 2015.



Amazing shots of a fireball with a loud explosion being heard afterwards, and was not reported on many msm news outlets of course.

fireball , sky


read more

There are currently 7 reports of fireballs seen in the following U.S state:
CA, PA, MD, NC, Connecticut, VA, Virginia, TX, California and Rhode Island, and 2 reports from New Zealand.

The data is always clear, we have exceeded once again the total amount of fireballs seen in 2014. Make no mistake about it, back in 2005 there was nothing like this being seen our skies causing loud booms , and injuring people.

Sunset Photo’s

planet x , nibiru,


Sunset time is  5:46 PM in our area, and this photo was taken at 6:19 pm. Notice the dark crimson sky facing directly west. That’s not Venus doing this ladies and gentleman, and the sun is to the left of this photo.

Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane, on September 27, 2014 we snapped this photo near the same location, this not just a cloud, there is a color difference between the clouds in dark gray and the red orb in the middle of the picture sticking out like  a sore thumb.

planet x, hercolubus


The time taken was 7:00 pm, feel free to check for reference, we tried that and nothing came up that looked anything like nibiru. This planet x/ nibiru object moves like nothing I’ve ever seen before, and our friend starfighter mentioned “it’s alien to us”.

planet x orbital

Can’t forget this planet x capture in the western sky again, this is one of our most recent photo’s, wings and all.

Bavaria_Planet_X_1 (7) (1)


Here the object is behind the clouds, definitely not a lens flare, and in the next photo we see multiple objects. A sun dog casts more of a halo effect, no halo in this image.

Bavaria Planet X 1 (1)

Of course if you go through the archive of this website and youtube channel you will understand fully what is happening here. The greatest cover up in modern history, and that is planet x, almost every news story pales in comparison.

photo_(21)x (1) (1)


All of the photo’s are off to the right of the sun at sunset time, as our youtube friend mentioned look between the constellations of Aquila and Hercules sunset time, in  the western sky, you are bound to see something eventually.

Based upon the most recent photo of the winged globe, it is a monster, and it has become much larger than our earlier photo’s such as the one below at the end of this video:

youtube link

Ok, so we know what the skeptics might be thinking, why is it that the earthshiftx team is the only one seeing this? Well, there is another youtuber by the name of whydotheathensrage who has caught a similar object:



whydotheathensrage youtube link

Guess what? It has wings just like our picture, this is very, very real, and pretty soon it will make it’s final appearance, and it will be undeniable, Expect no timely announcement of planet x wormwood/hercolubus/nibiru/tyche/redkachina/planet 7x.

This is why you see the ceo’s resigning, the wealthy buying bunkers, the wealthy giving away money, and a

Be ready friends of our youtube channel and truth seekers alike, we are reaching this great event, but have no fear that nibiru is near just prepare.

Special thanks to:

danny secrest, mrstarfighter, dahboo77, higher truth channel, astral travler,,, zetatalk, theunitedknowledge, whydotheathensrage, lucas, Gill Brassard, and all who visit this website, you made this happen and we will continue our  video broadcast  on youtube in April 2015. 





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