A moderate 4.3 earthquake struck near rocky Mountain House Saturday morning, and left some wondering how and why this could have happened in landlocked Alberta.

There have been about 86 minor earthquakes measured in Alberta so far this year, with most of them happening near Jasper and Rocky Mountain House. – source

Worldwide Jolts Continue – Underground alterations are on the rise, and today kojima from poleshift.ning has posted a jolt graph from Johnston Island, USA; 16.73 N, 169.53 W. source

A 4.5 earthquake struck in Lake Baykal region in Russia, which is also receiving volcanic activity at the Klyucheckskoy volcano. A cluster of magnitude one and 3 earthquakes have been affecting the area as of late, marked in yellow and orange.



Tolbachik Volcano in Russia is also active at the time, showing a swarm of small tremors taking place in the region on the earthquake monitor below, with smoldering happening at the crater summit:



Another volcano near the klyuchevskya volcano called the Bezymianny volcano is showing a swarm of volcanic activity at the currently time as well:



Yellowstone super volcano – There currently isn’t that much activity at the Yellowstone volcano, after the ground was melting in the area and bison were fleeing. The earthquake monitor is currently showing small earthquakes currently occurring.



Bárdarbunga volcano, Northeast, Iceland – There is currently a cluster of earthquakes taking place at the volcano with a cluster of earthquakes 1-3 happening at the time.



Fireball Reports

There are a total of 9 fireballs to report for August 11,2014, according to nasa’s all sky fireball network. 24 reports of fireballs are pending at the American Meteor Societies website, here is one interesting eyewitness report from the event:
“It had a flame like character, with a breezy fireball appearance, rather than a single point of light”


Mass Animal Deaths

For the fourth time in four years, the Prince Edward Island government says it’s investigating a significant fish kill on

one of its water ways. According to investigators the reason for the deaths of 1,000 fish deaths was due to a pesticide run off. source

Weather Extremes

In India, orissa is currently submerged with 45 deaths, and nearly 4 million people displaced due to flooding in the area. Rains in the region had made it difficult for rescue operations to occur. source

Amazing Planet X System Inbound Images


We want to take the time to thank our followers for sending us amazing images of the second sun as it is now inbound, and increasing in visibility, these photo’s were taken on August 4th 2014.

In the below image you can see nibiru/planet x and it’s many moons as it makes it’s trip round our star. photo 1


photo 2

The stange skies and second sun sightings will continue, until the poleshift occurs. In terms of timeline, the estimate given by planet 7x is early 2016, and Astral traveler a fellow researcher has this event happening around mid 2015. As Carlos Munoz Ferrara mentioned this comet-planet has three speeds, so if this is the case, there is no telling when the poleshift event will occur.


This is definitely a time to be prepared, aware, and positive even though things look as if they are about to turn negative. Please share this article with a friend who will listen, but don’t try to force this information in areas where it is not wanted because it is difficult to handle for some people.

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