Martial Law Practice?

California, New York, Missouri, Mississippi ,Florida , Phoenix are currently holding rallies for the shooting death of Mike Brown and many other states as well. Here is a short clip from youtuber Bp earthwatch covering the intense footage of the drama unfolding at the present time.


The build up of the militarization of the police has been an ongoing issue that residents have grown tired of being harassed by the police. It is not just one race who is feeling the brunt of police brutality, and it isn’t just in one area the police presence is being felt:


The main question to ask is why militarize the police? What event could take place that could get so out of control that the police departments feel as if they have to arm themselves to the teeth? What event would make so many agencies lock down entire cities and practice keeping people at bay like the world witnessed in the hurricane Katrina event?


Here is another news topic that seems to be getting more out of control just about every day,  just recently a clinic was looted in Liberia as many West point residents went on a looting spree stealing items from the clinic that were likely infected according to a senior police official.

“All between the houses you could see people fleeing with items looted from the patients,” the official said, adding that he now feared “the whole of West Point will be infected.”

As planet x makes its next approach it will be interesting to see how things play out, because either of these two topics (Ebloa,Ferguson MO) could definitely spell martial law, and would be extremely convenient. Remember when the Ebola story first began circulating, there was advice given to not fly to countries where you could be at risk.

If an outbreak ensued, it would be easy to lock down everything, and make sure no one can go anywhere , so Ebola will be something to keep an eye on in the weeks and months ahead.

The Attack On Youtube Video Makers

Recently youtubers thornews, as well as dahboo77 went under attack having their equipment hacked and being harassed by trolls in droves. What’s interesting is even Alex Jones channel even went under attack with copyright infringement, and muting the sound on some of the videos they produce.

The Shut Down Of Solar Data And Equipment

Thornews highlighted some of the recent moves to shutdown certain solar cameras and recently magnetosphere Y cut data has also been taken offline at certain times  with missing data. Are you starting to see a pattern? From the looks of things internet Marshall law is becoming the new normal fast, and as this object approaches, the question is how long will web access be available?

Earthquakes – A magnitude 6.2 earthquake struck today with a 4.8, 4.5, and magnitude 4.7 earthquake which took place today. There were no reports of damages to buildings or loss of life to report in this event which took place in Iran. source

Train Derailments -Two trains collided in Arkansas overnight killing two people according to authorities.  source

Weather Extremes – Tropical storm Karina turns toward the west-southwest of Baja California. And an additional tropical storm is trailing right behind storm that is currently un-named.

Floods & landslides in Japan in Japan killed two people with an advisory for 80,000 living the region. And frost is occurring in parts of Wisconsin. source


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