The general man and woman on the street is being blamed for the warming on other planets, along with planet earth, and the tornadoes showing up in odd places such as Italy. But only a few will clearly see that there is another influence in our solar system that had nothing to do with man, or the sun, and that is planet x.

Only a handful of people are recognizing the red dusty skies at dawn and at dusk, and it is almost as if some people are to pre-occupied to simply look up at the sky and see these fiery displays.

Soon, there will be no denying the fiery dragon of old as the skies will be sprayed even more as planet x approaches. Here is the video of the weather channel special on rogue planets.

This isn’t a conspiracy theory, this is fact, here is the excerpt form a magazine, showing the 10th planet in our solar system.

Earthquakes – A magnitude 2.3 earthquake took place in New Madrid Missouri today, at a depth of 8.2 kilometers.

Iceland was shaken by a 5.0, and magnitude 5.1 earthquake at a depth of 2 km, with magma on the move at the nearby volcano.

A magnitude 5.4 earthquake just took place in HOKKAIDO Japan at a depth of 30 km. In Alaska three 5.0 earthquakes have just struck in Cordova Alaska at a depth of 10 km.

Three aftershocks were reported in the Napa area after the large earthquake event yesterday.

Gas Explosion



In Dallas a large gas explosion is currently under investigation, as a mysterious gas explosion occurred 9 a.m Tuesday. source

In Independence Missouri an explosion took place Tuesday afternoon, flattening the house.

Madinah Saudi Arabia, a large gas killed five people and damaged several vehicles on Tuesday, according to officials.

Authorities have no clue as to what caused the gas explosion, an investigation has been launched to find out what caused of the explosion.

Train Derailments – One man was evacuated after a train derailed in Emerson Toronto as a train carrying propane derailed. Residents were evacuated after the train derailed, Police are continuing to investigate the cause.

Water Main Bursts – In San Francisco a water main break is currently under repair. There is no word on what caused the water main break. Another  water main break causes a water outage in Christian-burg Virginia.

A water main break occurred early Tuesday morning in Echo Park, with multiple business losing water.

Power Outages – 15,000 people have had power restored in St. Clair, County Illinois.

Abnormal Weather

Heavy rain and flash flooding swamped parts of Santa Fe with inches of water Tuesday evening. DTE energy is reporting more than 120,000 customers currently without power after storms hit the state of Michigan. The good news is the 40,000 now have power.

The abnormal weather patterns have not slowed down with at least 5 people dead from flash floods in South Korea.



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