In October of 2013, our research brought us the pink/red skies that we never witnessed before since we have been watching the sunsets and sunrises. We witnessed a red beam of light, that we knew couldn’t be the sun.2014-06-18 19.27.51 This photo was taken today facing west, with the sun setting south-west, the question the reader should ask is why is the sun setting south-west and a glow of light coming from the west & north west?

Do you see that flying tube in the middle of the picture? Is this yet another UFO? Or a really long bug?  The below image highlights a recent photo that we took, this photo clearly shows an object out at a distance , and all we did was blow the image up and bring out the color, simply amazing!!


2014-06-18 06.44.28The above image was taken at 6:44 A:M in the morning time on the September the 14,2014 and you can clearly see the hazy orange skies with a hint of pink in them. Doesn’t look normal at all, compared to the normal blue skies.

Of course there was heavy chemical trails that morning, here was a chemical plane dropping some particles, we were able to get a shot of this plane that morning.

2014-06-18 07.11.11Here is a close up of the thick chemical trails being sprayed, as they try to cover up something in the skies.

2014-06-18 07.11.49What’s interesting about these chemtrail planes is that they move very fast, this plane was moving faster than we could zoom in on the plane! And most of the chemical trails were trying to cover up the sunrise this morning.

Yes, there is chemical trails that do cover up different parts of the skies, but you will notice that the main chemical spraying by these planes takes place in the direction of the sunset and sunrise, with some days not that much spraying.


The last image shows the sun setting and clearly the sun is not setting in the location where the light source is coming from. What else can cause this other than a second sun?

above the sun


Look closely and you can see the top right of the second sun being covered by clouds, a lens flare wouldn’t do that, it would be in front of the clouds, it’s just that simple.

Let’s get into a few earth changes, because there is way too much to report on..

Extreme Weather


Hurricane Odile –  Odile has snapped trees and is swamping roads at the current time in Mexico. The storm is over warmer waters which could definitely spell trouble for areas in the path of this storm, which currently is generating winds at 204 mph.

Hurricane Eduoard – This hurricane is a Category 3 storm, with a wind speed of 163 mph. This hurricane looks to be headed towards Africa and the middle east looking at its projected path.

Hurricane Kalmaegi –  Kalmaegi made landfall Sunday leaving 16.6 inches of rain in one part of the  Philippines after just 24 hours. Sinking ferries, power outages,  and one child fatality in this event as it made landfall. source


Breaking news   – There is another tropical system named invest 97-E , which is currently under watch, and could potentially strengthen. source

It is a rare event to have so many tropical systems and hurricanes at once, in most recent memory in 1998 there were four hurricanes at once.

According to a article quote:

“Going back further into the so-called best-track database, there had been no record of four simultaneous Atlantic hurricanes since 1893.” source

A few more interesting statistics about tropical storms:

  • In 2009 there were 73 tropical storms in total hurricanes
  • In 2010 62 tropical storms hurricanes
  • In 2011 there was a total of 72 tropical storms and hurricanes
  • 2012 surpassed all previous years with 80 tropical storms
  • 2013 brought 68 total tropical storms and hurricanes.




Bardabunga – In Iceland the fountains are shooting molten lava, and red-hot fountains. Seismologists are gearing up for a large volcanic eruption that could threaten to disrupt air traffic.

The Mayon – Volcano in the Philippine has been place on Alert Level 3 on Monday evening, with signs of high unrest in the region.

Significant Earthquakes 5.6 earthquake took place in Eastern Honshu Japan, 5.6 earthquake took place in the active New Britain region. source

Ebola – The now serious situation is continuing to unravel as the Centers for Disease control has stated to be prepared for managing patients with infectious diseases like Ebola. There’s no mistake about it , with 160,000 protective suits that the U.S has purchased they are getting ready for a full-blown pandemic worldwide. Read more 

This is not to say that the virus will go full blown worldwide pandemic but it can, so take precaution if you are currently reading this at the time, here is video that will help you prepare.


It is now September 16th,2014 , you need to warn your friends and family what is happening now in the United States click the two links below to see the build up for a USA Ebola threat:

This is not to say it will happen but it is without a doubt hospitals are getting ready, so are you?


At around 11 p.m. on Sunday a bright fireball screeched across the sky brightening the night sky. source

130 pending fireballs are currently pending an investigation by the american meteor society for the following states and countries: AK, AZ, CA, DE, IL, IN, MD, MI, MN, MO, NC, NH, NJ, NY, OH, OR, PA, TX, VA, WA & WV and 12 reports from Canada and Cuba. source



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