We have more images to present you today with because a picture is worth a thousand words,  these images are facing west and north west, in the northern hemisphere at 7:12 p.m central standard time.

The first image is facing directly west and you can see the red hue to the skies, with portions of the sky staying this color long after the sun has dropped below the horizon line out of view. red 1

Moving along into the next picture, which was taken in the north western sky we can see clearly that the sun is not setting in this direction, and long behold! The sky is showing brightness.

red 2

Keep in mind, around this time of year the sun is setting south west, it is not setting north west at all, and we can see the brightness to the skyline. This is your evidence for planet x, there is no other explanation for this type of occurrence.

red 3

The visual confirmation is now apparent and there will be more of it when October rolls around in the western sky, we’ll keep you updated with our findings.


The deepest earthquake took place today in Russia at a depth of 489 kilometers measuring 5.4 in magnitude. Deep earthquakes let us know that there is plate movement deep below the surface of the earth. A 5.1 earthquake took place at a depth of 79 km in Papua New Guinea. A 4.6 earthquake took place in Papua New Guinea at a depth of 49.5 km.



In the above image we can see the ricochet effect that is happening right now, the first earthquake took place in Miyako Japan, and this carried its way all the way to Costa Rica about 36 minutes later.

A strong 5.1 earthquake took place east south east of Sarangani, Philippines, once again near that active indo-Australian plate.

Volcanic Activity


Mount Slamet volcano erupted early Thursday morning with an amazing capture from Idhad Zakaria, from the Pandansari village in Central Java. source

Yellowstone is currently showing methane releases and sulfur, with a cluster of smaller earthquakes taking place on 9/17/2014. A great YouTube channel on the subject of Yellowstone news can be found below:


Bardabunga volcano is showing continuing activity as earthquakes continue as of late.

volcanic activity 1

Extreme Weather

The plate housing Indonesia is sinking, and this will only become worse as a a recent news article revealed extreme weather displaced more people than war in 2013. source

312 have been left dead and 2.3 million people have been affected in India-Pakistan as flooding that won’t recede continues. read more

Of course this isn’t the only place having flooding issues, as Austin Texas is flooding, leaving thousands without power as heavy rains fall in the region. source

Hurricane Edouard threatens Florida at the moment and is moving towards Europe. In Herault France there were two deaths and five victims total as storms brought flooding, with a current orange warning at the moment. source



We have a total of 16 pending fireball reports from the American Meteor Society for the following states and countries CO, GA, KY, MD, MI, MN, NE, NY, PA, VA, WA & WV and 3 reports from Canada. The latest fireball event yesterday shows 1 report of fragmentation in the event in Knights Landing California. source

Disease Outbreaks

The Ebola situation continues to worsen as new cases could double by the week according to officials The fear of the disease has recently caused a mob to kill officials in Guinea, the officials apparently journeyed to warn those in the area but were met with rocks. According to the UN security council ebola is a threat to world peace at the moment.


Does anyone remember the war general killing peace at the Denver New World airport murals? Oddly enough, we are noticing that the rsoe has finally updated the markers in the United States showing red icons instead of green icons which signals a biological hazard warning with no word on what these mean in the description.

ebola part 3


Ladies and gentleman this is very strange, because most of the time, there is a description of what what is happening in the area where there is a biological hazard. A mystery respiratory illness is all the information that we have at the moment , and that is in Kansas City Missouri.

ebola 4

Do not wait to see what happens and begin making preparations now, because Ebola is spreading through many countries, and this biological hazard could most certainly be Ebola being rolled out in the United States.

Another alarming news update is venezuela as health minister has confirmed 398 cases of the  chikungunya virus. source

Train Derailments

We have a train derailment which recently took place in Houston Texas USA, that officials are investigating. And in new haven the norfolk southern derailed with 26 cars turning on their side. source

Last but certainly not least 39 railroad cars carrying empty freight containers derailed in southern Arizona. The cause of the derailment is unknown but there was rain around the time that the train crew slowed down. source

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