Let’s start with the activity on the Indo-Australian plate since this is a key area to watch moving forward. A magnitude 5.4 earthquake took place at a depth of 10 km Kirakira, Solomon Islands. In pangai Tonga a magnitude 4.8 earthquake took place at a depth of



Bardarbunga volcano is showing no significant changes at the moment. Moderate but strong earthquakes continue, and a chemical analysis showed magma currently coming from a storage area at a depth of 10 km.

At the Kilauea volcano a cluster of smaller earthquakes have been witnessed as of late with a small ash plume coming from the caldera.

Power Outages

As planet x approaches, power outages will be on the rise, and today we have several power outages to report on. Seven cities and thousands of customers have been effected by a power outage on Thursday, as 12,000 p&E customers were affected. A power outage affected 3,000 customers in west Salt Lake city, with lightning listed as the cause. In New Haven

the Metro – north railroad line are delayed due to power outages according to officials. A high school in Houston Texas cancelled classes due to a power outages. In Losangles California efforts are currently underway after a power outages in West wood left 700 without power.


Ceo’s Jumping Ship

What better way to make your exit as the earth begins to unravel, as Larry Ellison is stepping down from Oracle.Steve

Balmer from Microsoft’s board is resigning from Microsoft Corp. Of course the resignations don’t end there, as Jay Carney white house press secretary resigns after only 3 years on the job. Just recently German-based shoe companies CEO and COO disappeared with most of the company’s cash missing.

Just four hours ago Kimberly A. Burke, the acting-CEO of Echo Therapeutics, has informed the Philadelphia medical device company of her decision to resign.

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This will only become more common as planet x will have much better visibility in the western skies this October and moving forward. You have been warned to prepare now, because it is national preparedness month for September 2014, and that is for the planet x flyby.

source 2

Nasa is developing technology to help find disaster victims, it turns out they have developed device that picks up subtle movements through up to 40 feet of debris. source



A total of 27 fireballs are pending investigation at the american meteor society for the following states and countries. We would like he reader to note the multiple states that these fireball events are being witnessed in. source


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