Terral03 is one of the researchers that talked about comet Elenin as the cause of a mega disaster, of course he was wrong, however he is credible in some areas of research, and our readers may appreciate his analysis of what could take place.

Earthquake Activity

A 4.8 aftershock hit Isinomaki, Japan with no reports of damages or loss of life. Here is a list of magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquakes for 12/9/2012 according to the :

M Location
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Lat Lon D
5.0 Bouvet Island region 54.038°S 1.941°W 9.9
5.3 212km ESE of Ishinomaki, Japan 37.791°N 143.590°E 29.9

Loud Boom Heard In Texas

It seems like as of late Texas has seen fireballs in the sky, loud booms being reported, and today there is a video of a man reporting a loud boom in his backyard as he worked out in the yard.


In the following video we see a UFO fly over the volcano Popocatépet:

Sinkholes Continue To Be Ignored By Mainstream News outlets From the giant sinkhole developing in Assumption Parish Louisiana, to the recent 200 foot wide

sinkhole that opened in Ohio, there has been no shortage of sinkholes opening up across America and the world

in general. You might hear about a report or two about a sinkhole developing, but no in-depth report to tie everything

together and make you think. So why is this issue being overlooked? Here is video of the Ohio sinkhole that took place just recently:

With countries around the globe getting ready for the end of the world,  and many believing that we are all going to die of some type of cataclysm it will be interesting to see if it’s all just hype or true. What we can report is that more earth changes will take place, and we will be here to report it.

Typhoon Bopha Update


The official death toll from Typhoon Bohpha has reached 1,400 either dead or missing, as heavy rain and flooding has devasted farmers in the region and battered the Philippines.

At the current time there are 178,000 people who have evacuated and are living in evacuation shelters.

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