Proof Of Dramatic Earth Wobble

Moon out of position

The above image shows the moon between the trees on the right hand side( 3/6/2015 ), and the moon to the far left of the trees on the left hand side of the image( 3/7/2015 ).  This is a huge deviation in position in just one single day, and these photo’s were taken from the past two days.

These photo’s were taken facing directly west as the sun is rising in the east, and you can also see the sky a red color in the western sky in the morning. The red skies are covering a lot of  the sky also north-west and pretty much in all directions some mornings.

Here is more information on the earths severe wobble from

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With the inuit elders mentioning that the sky has changed, and many people noticing the sun not rising where it used to rise as well, this photo is further proof of the obvious. We’ll update on any other moon changes that we see in the skies moving forward.


Planet X On Italy Web Cams?

An interesting web cam capture of what many believe is the planet x corpus, showing a reddish color as the sun rises.

planet x, nibiru

What’s interesting about this photo is that we can see the lens flare to the far right corner of the picture, as the sun rises on the left hand side of the picture.

In order to get a good idea if this object just to the right of the sun is a real object , what we tried to do was eliminate the lens flare on the bottom right hand corner.

Chances are, if this red blob is a real object it should still appear, and the lens flare should disappear.

Here are the results:

lens flare it not

As the contrast settings are adjusted as well as the temperature values in lightroom 5 we were able to get rid of the lens flare on the bottom right hand corner, and look what is still popping out of the picture.

planet update

The image in blue , shows the object sticking out like a sore thumb as the shadows are increased and the lens flares are taken out of the photo.

The other image with an orange border was taken from another time frame, with the color brightened , and bam you can see the object clearly pop out from the other darker tones. 

A few key points:

  • The lens flare is gone after darkening the photo’s dark colors
  • If this is a reflection why is the color different from the sun?
  • This is being seen on this web cam regularly
  • There are  large time gaps in this web cam

Here is an image from another time frame:

planet x maybe


This is an interesting web cam to watch for sure, to watch this webcam for yourself checkout this website: link

Lately it has been difficult to view what is behind the thick layer of the clouds in our area, but you can clearly see the deep red color to the sunset and that’s about it.

Artificial cloud cover has made the planet x research difficult, and these clouds take place exactly when the sun is going below the horizon. This is why it is so hard to consistently capture something in the sky everyday, because what the earthshiftx team believes is that there are days when something is more visible than other days.

So what is happening is that on the days that something could be visible, the chemical spraying of the skies increases and you are not able to see hardly anything if it is visible.

Time Lapse Shows The Red Skies

The reds sky explanation from debunkers is that the sky has always been red for years, however, these skies carry a much darker red tone and this has been seen covering the entire skyline in all directions

Today’s video is from sasha lucic of YouTube:

If there were  was a large object approaching the inner solar system with a red iron oxide tail wouldn’t we see the sky red every other day vs everyday? Well, that is what is happening, not everyday do you see the sky this color, and only a handful of people are actually talking about the red sky increase.



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