The first order of business we are going to get to is the image that was sent in from one of our readers. What we did was adjust the colors using a free software by the name of gimp which you can download here. Here is the first image that we analyzed using the free software in gimp:

11-19 069

 Selecting the colorize menu option, and highlighting the pink dot below the sun, here is what we found:



Clearly, you can see that this object goes from lighter, to darker, starting from the top of the  object. That is not a lens flare, lens flares do not have shadows ladies and gentleman. The red skies to the south continue to be seen,  right before the sun begins to set. Once again, this red color that is being seen to the south does not happen everyday, but it does happen, and it helps to have some way of getting to higher elevation so you can view this.

This red sky to the south is not normal, and it is not venus that is being seen here, this is completely different from the sun/venus or any other planet/star color.

Fireballs Rip Across The Sky

Another interesting development is the rapid increase in fireball reports for 12/29/2013, which has not slowed down. According to the american meteor society the reports went from 699 to 1,215 fireball reports, which is very significant. Yesterday we had a total of 162 reports of fireball reports.

So far today we have a total of 10 reports of fireballs, and there is still 266 fireballs that are pending at the current time. The fireball reports are coming in from all parts of the United States, and the 1,215 fireball event was a multi-state fireball that was seen in the skies, once again creating sound and startling residents in the area( click here to read the fireball reports) .

Here is video footage from the fireball event on 12/26/2013:


Volcanic Activity


There has been a new eruption at the San Miguel volcano in El Salvador, which created an ash plume which is unknown but reached several KM in height.

Ash fall is currently expected in the area, as families have evacuated 3 km around the volcano. Activity is increasing towards the 21st paroxysm at the Etna volcano in Sicily Italy with low level explosions and loud sounds.

Suwanose volcano in the Tokara Islands in Japan has shown intense strombolian activity. A new lava dome has been recorded at the sinabung volcano in Sumatra Indonesia( read more here).

 Significant Earthquakes

There was a 5.5 earthquake in New Ireland region P.N.G. in southern Italy there was a 5.7 earthquake. 5.7 struck

struck the Molucca sea. We had a 5.1 earthquake which took place in the molucca sea. 5.0 earthquake in Minahasa Sulawesi, in Indonesia.

Incredible Landslide In Mexico

landslide in mexico


Just days after a 4.6 earthquake hit south of Ensenada, the Tijuana Ensenada toll road has collapsed toward the sea and threatens to continue dropping, the good news is that no injuries were reported. Geologists are not sure if the collapse took place due to the earthquake, and the local government has declared that “natural causes” were to blame.

The land started plunging some 300 feet after small fractures suddenly turned into enormous cracks in the cliffside(read more). Of course 2013 has not seen any shortages of massive landslides.

kennecot mine, collapse,


The kennecott mine collapse was one of the worst mine disasters in U.S history and slowed down the silver production dramatically. And very little was mentioned in many media outlets, there was a report on this disaster on the abc news website, but it does seem buried in the archive:

mine collapse


image source

This has been the ongoing story, a massive cover up of earth changes that has continued, with the general population completely un-aware. Then disinformation placed strategically on the internet to discredit those who are trying to sound the alarm that something is not right. Clearly we can all see the dramatic increase in deadly fireballs that luckily have not killed anyone.

We have another massive crater (fissure) that also took place in Brazil:





The final event was a bridge collapse which left one child dead in Itanagar in Arunachal pradesh. – source

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