If you all remember one of my best potential captures of planet x/Hercolubus was back in January of last year. I noticed something out of place in the sky at a distance and captured an object that I just wasn’t sure what it was.

The interesting thing about that photo was that the sky did have a red hue to it, and there were streaks of red in all directions shrouding around this object.

Well, yesterday I took some photo’s and noticed something just moments ago, facing west again, and I wanted to share the photo’s and analysis. First, here is the original photo that is un-edited, once again, notice the red cloud on the bottom right hand photo.

dscf3237Here is the object in question if you didn’t see it in the previous photo:


What you will notice right out of the gate, is that the sky is red and shrouded in cloud cover, as well as an orange color to the top portion of this photo. Keep in mind, this is long after the sun has gone below the horizon, and as brought before, there is a lingering effect, where the sky continues to stay bright after sunset.

We can eliminate this red orb being a sun dog or lens flare, Venus because of following reasons:

  • There is a dark cloud in front of the object in question, lens flares show up in front of objects.
  • The sun is down, so how can that be a flare from the sun or street light to the right of the photo?
  • Venus can be eliminated from the equation because it is not this color.
  • Mars can be eliminated because it does not show up this large and doesn’t have a red cloud around it.
  • Could be a UFO, but I once again, I haven’t seen flying ufo’s with red clouds around it.

Here is the inverted photo in mspaint, showing the object having the same color tone as the telephone wire in the background.

color-tonedWhen I mention color tone, this object matches the tone of a solid object, so yes, this is in fact a real solid object. Let’s now take a look at a heat analysis of this photo:


What we can see in the left of this photo is several different objects inside this object, which would match up with the south pole telescope leaked images:


This turned out to be a great capture, and if you found this interesting please share this with a friend. You have to remember to stay looking in the western sky after the sun goes below the horizon for at least an hour and a half.

I almost missed this capture, just like I used to in the past, and I’m glad that I was able to see something, but I needed more patience in this case.

We just recently had an earthquake in Italy, which was the worse in three decades, so now we have to see if this object/system will cause the severe changes that are claimed. I would even like to research the origin of the claim, that this object will cause a natural disaster like the world has never seen.

But from the top of my head I know that the pyramids of ancient kemet (Egypt) show us an explosion from the inside, and there is the tempest Steele, which spoke of a dramatic weather event. More work to do, but right now I’m feeling pretty sick physically, but I hope to continue my investigation on this important matter.

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