Recent news from universe today reveals news of a new impact crater which took place on mars. Mars does receive 200 impact craters yearly however there have been large impacts on the moon recently.

So according to the video these types of impacts are more common than what anyone thought. This is the same type of comment that was said after the epic Russian meteor event, in which there was no warning.


Members Of Congress Leaving – Recently there have been Ceo’s resigning, bankers committing suicide, and now a recent news piece on 40 members of congress now leaving. Is this all in anticipation for the planet x announcement? Could these members of congress be preparing to become comfortable in an underground facility or safe location?

In another interesting twist the U.S postal service is  is currently seeking out companies can fill in an order for “assorted small arms ammunition” with a deadline of February 10th 2014.

These recent events are not the only purchases that well-known organizations have made. The U.S Army purchased 600,000 Soviet Ak-47 magazines last fall, and a month before 3,000,000 rounds of 7.62 ammo. Just earlier in the month home land security spent $58 million on hiring security. – source

Another interesting drill is scheduled for March 7th, 2014 which is to simulation The long list of preparations do not stop there, as New Zealand navy Pacific, is to hold a disaster drill that will involve 14 nations after a natural disaster. –source

There is also a drill which will involve 50 institutions, which is to simulate what would happen if hackers penetrated certain systems in financial companies and agencies. source

The list of armory, food, and other purchases goes on and on, dating back decades ago. Keep in mind the recent news of “motor coaches” that were to be used to evacuate citizens given a presidential declared natural disaster, and you have all of the earth changes and planet x evidence and it’s now difficult to not believe that an announcement of nibiru/planet x is not pending.

Another ongoing story has been strange objects in space, here is video that shows the object and gives analysis:


Is this all preparation for planet x? Or some type of staged event? Honestly, it is hard to be 100% sure what exactly the drills and preparation is for, but it is clear that something bad looks like it is about to happen so it is a time to be aware and prepared.

It is a fact that the skies have turned crimson red on some days, and it is fact that earth is experiencing magnetic disturbances that cannot be explained by nothing other than another electro magnetic force that is in our inner solar system. Youtube Astral Travler covers the charts and monitoring of planet x:


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