One of the general themes that has repeated itself time and time again is the preparation for a some type of event. These preparations have been taking place for quite some time now.

On Jan 10, 2014 the website revealed the following: 

 “(Fema)Is seeking to augment its market research with a Request for Information (RFI) to be used in the formulation of the requirement with feedback from waste removal industry vendors that can potentially provide either dumpster service and/or bio-medical waste collection and removal services during emergency response events within the Continental United States “ Link to >>>

Planet x researchers and doomsday preppers already remember that on Oct 29, 2013, fema was looking for operational support for a presidential announced natural disaster (click here to read).

Yesterday, there was an interesting post in the GLP forums which mentioned the following:

“I’m a Maintenance guy by trade(HVAC) but have risen to a high enough level to be included in some of the secret “going’s on”
Today I was ask to compile a list of our generators(200ea+) for our states “Emergency Management” Division and to have it ready by NOON tomorrow.” link to >>> Glpthread  


Now one thing that is interesting about this forum thread from the godlikeproductions forum is the need for generators, the reason why this is interesting is because over the last few weeks in months we have noticed an increase in power surges, as well as electronic equipment failure as of late.

Have you noticed your internet connections not as strong as of late, or fading in and out at times? Obviously this would have something to do with the electromagnetic bully known as planet x by most. For a fact, the power outages have come in bunches as of late, take a look at a few power outages for today:

 massive power outage affecting 28,000 customers in Charlottetown,  PE – source

1,400 customers in Fresno experience a power outage – source

From the looks of things, and this is just an opinion, there may be an event that is used to bring in martial law before planet x arrives. There has to be something that happens that triggers martial law, and some type of pandemic false flag might be it.

Here is another interesting piece of news to remember, on August 1st 2014 New York City held a drill which included more than 1,500 health department employees from more than a dozen agencies. So yes, something big looks to be on the horizon for sure, and since the agencies of the world are preparing, maybe it’s a good idea to the same. 

 Sinkhole In Seoul

seol sinkhole

 a 2.5 m wide 5 m deep sinkhole opened in Seoul , as the government of Seoul believes that the sinkholes may be related to construction of a shopping mall.

What’s interesting about this story are the other sinkholes which formed on June 29th, July 4th, and 21st. –source




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