Week after week, the new theme for planet x/nibiru watchers has been the red skies, to the south, as well as the west. Today, we have an eye witness account to this strange sight, as well as other important details.

“I looked out of the window to watch the sunset which is what I usually do just about everyday, and I noticed a dark sky directly south. The great thing is that I can view the sky from a high viewing angle, which makes sunsets easier to see. I grabbed a pair of binoculars and I could clearly see that directly west there were red clouds in the sky, that were not near the sun.

The next thing that I noticed was a bright glow of the sun, and the glow from Venus which is brighter at the current time. Directly south I see the red clouds as well. Clearly, this cannot be the sun, and what’s even more strange is the smell that is in the air, it’s almost like the smell of an old dusty house.” Planet x/nibiru watcher

This has been an ongoing theme for those who have been watching the skies as of late, and is only getting more noticeable to anyone paying attention to what is going on. Combine this with more preparation by FEMA, and geomagnetic disturbances as highlighted by youtuber Astral travler, and you have a recipe for an incoming celestial body.

Planet X Timeline – Dates are not that popular, over at earthshiftx.com, but here is what one planet x watchman had to say in terms of dates, quote:

“planet x crossing in the first half of 2016”  

The planet x researcher then has the following to say about the date:

“Nemesis is approaching us with 0.4 AU/month for many years now. The climax is supposed to be in May and even the computer model gave a date.  What is interesting is three years later it is pretty much unchanged. Observe the NASA 747 SOFIA. It is now so close that spaceborne scopes are less useful.

It is heading towards the pinnacle of the ellipse and will come back and cross us. The rusty sunsets and pinkish clouds are sun light being reflected off of the iron oxide tail of Nemesis. Four months ago it was roughly 9 AU from us. The first orbital was visible from North America in the SW.

As it approaches the magnetic influence as it competes with our sun increases as does the earth wobble. When it begins to cross our rotation will slow down. The flooding will only now increase as equatorial water is now being dispersed and the Japan island building only verifies the continental drift.”

“We expect this year horrific scenes in Indonesia and region as the Indo Australian plate tilts.As you may recall there was a sudden interest in Somalia, until it was decided the Asian boat refugees will settle there. Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq is prepositioning. So many European nations will sink. Eyes peeled on the New Madrid region. Once Indonesia sinks the adjacent plates will move and things will from then on accelerate. When this happens stay away from the West Coast. The New Madrid will be next. Google: New Madrid booms, FEMA coffins. Inform others and prepare.”

This lines up with many of the data points and references that we highlighted on the planet  research, data, and analysis. And This also lines up with research Gill Broussards diagrams of planet 7x returning between late 2015 and early 2016 (check out his channel here).

Let’s go over a few earth changes for 1/26/2014:


Just after the large 6.1 earthquake rocked Java Indonesia, a 6.0 earthquake took place in Lixourion, Greece today at t 13:55:43.70 UTC time. There were minor injuries to report in this incident, and there was damage to buildings as well as roads. In just the first three hours, following the earthquake, there have been 12 aftershocks over magnitude 3.



A 5.2 magnitude earthquake took place North North East of Hihifo in Tonga on Sunday.The Etna volcano in Sicily Italy has shown activity at the New South East crater, with video below of recent activity:

At the Gorely volcano in Southern Kamchatka, KVERT reduced the alert level of the volcano back to green on January 23rd. The Nishino Shima volcano in Japan continues to enlarge, but seems to have increasingly explosive activity as well. As ash plumes were reported reaching 4,000 feet in the past days. Santa Maria volcano in Santiaguito Guatemala, has remained unchanged, as the lava dome produced intermittent weak to moderate explosions.

At the Fuego volcano in Guatemala moderate strombolian explosions have occurred at rates of 2-3 per hour.
As explosions rattle windows and roofs of houses in the region. – source

Train Derailments

A highway was closed in St. Landry on Saturday as 14 cars from the southbound train rolled off the tracks at 9:45 p.m.The cause of the derailment is currently under investigation. – source

In Ohowa, Nebraska a man was killed when his truck was hit by a Union Pacific freight train.  – source

A devastating train wreck took place on January the 23,2014, as Forty freight train cargo cars lay in a tangled mess on the railway just south of McKenzie. – source


landslide, event,

Yet another incredible landslide event took place in Alaska, as the situation has gotten so bad on the mountain slopes of Prince William sound that avalanches are not common, they are constant.

“An avalanche technician (working in the area) told me that in Valdez, you could hear them coming down constantly,” Jeremy Woodrow, spokesman for the Alaska Department of Transportation, said late Saturday evening. Woodrow added that the avalanche sizes and danger are among the worst the area has ever seen. – source

Sinkhole sparks evacuation



Multiple homes are facing the threat of sinkholes as a 20 foot wide, and 15 deep sinkhole in the area keeps growing. – source

 Loud Booms Continue

There was a loud boom felt and heard in Northeast Oklahoma, but there were no reports of explosions in the area. –source



There were a total of 29 fireballs to report for 1/26/2014, and currently there are 17 pending fireball reports. Concurrent sound was reported by two observers of the fireball incidents today, and one person hearing delayed sound. –source

More sporadic fireballs reported by Nasa’s all sky fireball network with the majority of the fireballs coming from the same direction. fireball 3



Here is a list of hazardous asteroids.




In closing, there is so much going on in the world today, and the signs in the heavens are upon us. Warn your friends and family about the pending poleshift and planet x passage, and try to inform those who want to know what is going on with the weather and earth changes. Cold storm, after cold storm, extreme weather, the list goes on and on, now a strange smell to the air, things are getting very interesting, and we’ll try to keep followers up to date when something big breaks.




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