One of the most interesting predictions has been from remote viewers. What is a remote viewer? And why does the opinion of these group of people even matter?

According to a article:

“Remote Viewing is a talent where some individuals can get information from events and places that are far away in both distance and time. The phenomenon is not completely understood but has been repeatedly

Here is a list of some of the predictions from the remote viewers:

1. Impacts from what appear to be large meteors leading to tsunamis and possible volcanism
2. Extensive and forceful flooding of coastal areas
3. Excessive solar radiation
4. Storms and other severe weather

In terms of the effects of these changes on humans, these data also suggest:

1. Massive self-organized relocation from coastal areas (refugees)
2. The breakdown of rescue or other notable governmental functioning
3. The breakdown of the food supply system
4. The breakdown of the vehicular transport system
5. Extensive loss of buildings near coasts

You can view the website for more information here. With so many meteors being seen in the skies, mudslides, earthquakes, volcanoes, and other extreme earth changes, it is not completely off base to believe some of the things that the remote viewers have claimed. These predictions are something to look into, and there are plenty of videos on the website that talk about remote viewing in more detail.

Update On The Massive Mudslide At Whidbey Island

This incident makes the Louisiana sinkhole disaster look small in comparison. Of Course, Both incidents  have been dramatic, and they have caused many residents to have to relocate and move from their retirement and dream homes in the case of this massive landslide event.


The good news is that no one was injured in the mudslide event that took place, as many lives are loss from giant mudslides.  According to the U.S Geological Surve’s significant landslide events, hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost in these tragic events.


Seismicity with magnitude events as high as 4.1 and deformation is continuing to take place at the El Hierro volcano today. Here is the graph of the most recent activity:


Other volcanoes that continue to display high earthquake activity include The Telica volcano in NIcaragua, San Cristobal volcano in Nicaragua, Plosky Tolbachik volcano.

Moderate seismic activity is reported at the Sheveluch and Kizimen volcanoes, and weak at the Bezymianny volcano. There was an equipment outage which prevents monitoring at the Karymsky volcano, while moderate seismicity continues to affect hydrothermally active Gorely volcano.

Smaller earthquakes have been reported at  volcano llima in Alaska and Makushin volcano. Frequent tectonic earthquake are taking place at nearby Tanaga and Mount Spurr volcanoes on the Alaska Range.

Large explosions and avalanche signals rocked the colima volcano in Mexico evernight. Eruptive activity continues at the Popocatepetl volcano during the same period with strong incandescence accompanying most of the explosions found at the volcano.

There are low-magnitude volcanic earthquakes which remain frequent at the Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador, and there is strong volcanic tremors taking place at the White Island volcano in New Zealand.



san diego

There was a shallow 3.8 magnitude earthquake which took place on Thursday evening, just six miles from San Simeon, California according to the U.S Geological Survey. The earthquake took place at 6:22 Pacific time at a depth of 3.7 miles.

In the last 10 days alone, there has been no other earthquakes magnitude 3.0 or greater nearby.


Here is the list of magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquakes according to the u.S geological survey:

M Location
Click event below for details
Lat Lon D
5.0 257km SSW of `Ohonua, Tonga 23.597°S 175.508°W 43.9
5.5 152km ESE of Visokoi Island, 57.290°S 24.939°W 10.0
5.6 159km ESE of Visokoi Island, 57.357°S 24.874°W 10.0
6.0 21km SE of Buli, Taiwan 23.840°N 121.135°E 20.7
5.0 68km E of Makubetsu, Japan 45.375°N 142.700°E 280.1


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