Yes, there are those who choose to ignore the warning signs that something abnormal is taking on mother earth. Others will mock you for trying to discuss earth changes, and there are those who will remain in denial even though 7 fireballs have been seen over the past week with 1 fireball destroying thousands of buildings and Russia, and almost killing over 1,200 people. If the Russian meteor was just a little bit larger, this fireball could have done much more damage.

Volcanoes are erupting and showing sign of ash plumes coming out of their craters (click here to find out more about recent volcanic activity), strong but moderate earthquakes are hitting the earth, along with extreme weather across the globe.

If planet X exists, wouldn’t there be some type of announcement for its existence? And is planet X the culprit for the dramatic earth changes that we are seeing today?

Here’s what Nancy Lieder and the Zetas have to say about the announcement of planet X in our solar system:
“ZetaTalk Insight 2/23/2013: there a correlation between Obama’s weekend of golf, away from Michelle and the girls, and General Allen’s resignation? Those watching for the announcement felt the weekend was ideal. Michelle and the girls were in Colorado, as were the Bidens.

They were skiing in Colorado, close to the Western White House at Denver. It is customary for the President and Vice President to be separated when chaos might erupt, and rioting in Washington DC could be anticipated after the announcement. Obama was likewise in a safe location away from Washington DC, and isolated, the press kept away, so no one could be sure just what he was up to.

 Those watching for the announcement have been puzzled at the long delays since Obama set out to break the cover-up last September, 2012. His first attempt on the Emergency Broadcast System because the cover-up crowd cut wires or diverted the flow to radio and TV stations. The second attempt to use an Oval Office Address when the cover-up crowd created confusion with injunctions, questioning whether the announcement was a hoax.

Focus groups indicated the public would tend to take the announcement as a hoax, due to the long-running cover-up. By this time the pending presidential elections were being threatened, Obama so distracted that he lost the first debate with Romney.

The announcement was put aside until Obama’s second term was firmly in place.  But the team assigned to arrange the announcement did not rest in the interim. They have conducted dozens of false starts to sweep for the opposition, who often lay in powerful positions within the government.

We mentioned when the Petraeus affair Petraeus to resign that he and General Allen, as well as other Generals suddenly caught up in scandals, were part of the opposition. But General Allen, who was in line for a plumb NATO promotion, was not forced to resign at that time. He thus was still in a position to throw stones in front of any announcement attempt, due to his stature and influence within the US military. 

Obama’s long weekend devoted to golf was a setup to sweep for such opposition, and use this to force a resignation from General Allen. Allen had just been cleared of any wrongdoing by the Pentagon, a move that was part of the setup. Just what the sweep involved, or what prior sweeps might have involved, is not something we will disclose, as the public’s curiosity is not more important than the success of this mission.

Suffice it to say that if the opposition thinks the announcement is about to happen, is rolling, is imminent, they will show their hand and make their moves. In successive sweeps, the parties were identified, communicating with each other, and the announcement team can go up the ladder to those at the helm. General Allen was one such leader at the helm.” –

Just as we noticed with the movie Deep Impact, we have a black president in office, a growing national deficit, those in power engaged in what seems to be a cover up, and those in power keeping the event secret, until it cannot be kept a secret anymore. And you also have the death of astronomers who investigated the existence of a planet X, which also took place in the movie Deep impact.

Whether you believe in subliminal messages or not will always be up for debate, however, one thing that cannot be debated is the close relation to movies like Deep Impact, and what is taking place today.

The Historic Russian Meteor And An Additional Meteor In Rio De Janeiro 


Meteor events such as the one in Russia don’t happen everyday, of course, tiny meteors and asteroids do hit the earth frequently but nothing that affects humans on such a large-scale.

Here is an interesting comment from the poleshift.ning website by ann s:

“A-ha!  NASA admits in the New York Times that no humans have been harmed by an asteroid or a metor in living memory (actually a tiny few have before 02/15/13 per Wikipedia).  Thanks for, in essence, the confirmation the Russian fireball is historic.

It is probably the case that the efforts of the cover-up artists to pretend the Russian fireball was no big deal because it allegedly happened before (the Tunguska methane explosion), and is allegedly not likely to happen again, are doomed to fail.  Lies don’t work very well if a huge number of people can remember the truth and quickly spot the lie.

It is much, much easier to recall, and convince others with, the truth, as NASA is finding out the hard way.

It is clear from comments posted by the public online that many are wondering why the U.S. mainstream media fails to mention the other fireballs which occurred on the same or close to the same day as the closest asteroid passage and a destructive fireball.  People are now discovering that the dots are not connected for readers because the Establishment does not want to point to something.  Why would that be necessary unless something is being covered up, like Planet X?” –

A few great points by ann s, in this quote, the first being why is the media and NASA not covering the other fireballs that have taken place as of late? And why has there been such a downplay of the events that took place in Russia, with this being one of the extremely rare and historic meteor strikes in history?

Ann s continues by saying:

“The lack of truth in the media about recent fireballs and another close asteroid passage is appalling:  The Russian fireball event has NO modern day precedent, none; this has never happened in living memory (excluding Tunguska which was a methane explosion) and certainly not on the same day as an asteroid passage and several other large fireballs.  (The increase in fireballs is not new, but the attention given the subject in order to debunk it is new.)

“Close the barn door after the horse has bolted” applies to sudden Congressional interest in asteroids and meteors.  (I’ve had my say until the next fireball incident that cannot be covered up.)” –

This brings us to our next fireball video footage out of Rio De Janeiro recently, which was an event that we did not know about:



There is an article about NASA not being able to detect the Russian meteor which is understandable, however there is not one word about the other fireballs that have been seen as of late. It will be interesting to see if any other meteors make their way into our skies as these types of events are taking place more frequently.

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