Apparently an island in the Pacific that appears on a range of maps seems to have disappeared without a trace. Several Australian scientists who went in search of Sandy Island – which appears midway between Australia and the French-governed New Caledonia on Google earth, found nothing but sea water where the

island appears on maps. According to the article over at poleshift.ning, quote:

“The Times Atlas of the World appears to identify the sizable phantom island in the Coral Sea as Sable Island, and weather maps used by the Southern Surveyor, an Australian maritime research vessel also say it exists.”

 Sandy Island In Australian

Here is what the research team who went looking for the island had to say about the island:

‘We wanted to check it out because the navigation charts on board the ship showed a water depth of 1,400 metres (4,620 feet) in that area – very deep,’ said Dr Maria Seton, of the University of Sydney, after the 25-day voyage.

‘It’s on Google Earth and other maps so we went to check and there was no island. We’re really puzzled. It’s quite bizarre.

‘How did it find its way onto the maps? We just don’t know, but we plan to follow up and find out.’

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This recent news could be further evidence that plate movement and flooding is indeed increasing. To quote what Nancy Lieder mentions on poleshift.ning:

“And indeed, the highly sensitive Coral Sea floor, which is a thin point on the crust per the Zetas, reflected this quake. The floor of the Coral Sea has been rising and falling, because when the Indo-Australian Plate tilts its eastern edge up it is heavy, and until magma fills in underneath, the plate tends to bend at this weak point. Thus, at those times, the Coral Sea floor approaches the surface, the water less deep. But likewise when the plate adjusts with a bend elsewhere, between Australia and India, for instance, the Coral Sea can straighten out.”

Earthquake Activity

A loud roar was heard in South Jersey as a magnitude 2.1 earthquake struck the area. Hundreds of people from Blackwood to Philadelphia reported hearing a loud roar from the quake.

Some of the areas where the earthquake was heard was in Pitman, Swedesboro, Westville, Williamstown, Collingswood, Glassboro, TOms River, Manahawkin and Trenton, according to the USGS.

The USGS website reports that the epicenter of the quake was about 3.2 miles the Earth’s surface.

“I thought I was going crazy!! It shook the house and my dogs were going bananas!!,” one Facebook user, Annamarie Seeley-Slanga, posted on the Washington Township-based community page called Township Talk.

Maria Gerace Lannutti said “i didn’t hear anything first… just felt everything shake & rattle a few seconds but it sounded like a.truck was rollong (sic) by but there wasn’t.” –

As we posted earlier, there has been an increase in earthquake activity since 2003, which falls in line with the claim made by Nancy Lieder and the Zeta’s that planet X is in our solar system. Here is a photo from poleshift.ning that graphs the increase in earthquake activity:

earthuquake increases in 2003

Further evidence of earthquake increases since planet X entered into our solar system is provided by Kojima, of poleshift.ning:

“Significantly increasing of the number of earthquakes in central / eastern U.S. can be seen since 2003 when planet X zoomed into the inner solar system (In 2003, Planet X Zoomed Into the Inner Solar System). There was little number of earthquakes until 2003, approximately 50 (26 to 58). It gradually increased from 2004 through 2008; 112 in 2008. Then it significantly increased and became 390 in 2011, and 471 in 2012. However, it was restrained to 206 in 2012 (as of 21st Nov), which seems to imply the effect of “Fault Line Boxes”. “

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