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Lat Lon D
6.3 47km WSW of Lata, Solomon Islands 10.926°S 165.450°E 19.9
6.0 52km SW of Lata, Solomon Islands 11.090°S 165.538°E 9.3
5.9 44km SSW of Finschhafen, Papua New Guinea 6.951°S 147.667°E 34.8
6.0 101km W of Craig, Alaska 55.584°N 134.745°W 9.7
6.2 60km E of Lata, Solomon Islands 10.628°S 166.382°E 9.2
6.0 74km ENE of Lata, Solomon Islands 10.518°S 166.486°E 10.0
6.8 43km N of Vallenar, Chile 28.180°S 70.784°W 42.7
6.0 61km SE of Kegen, Kazakhstan 42.598°N 79.699°E 15.0
5.7 57km ESE of Hihifo, Tonga 16.105°S 173.240°W 8.6

In the last 7 days we have experienced significant earthquake activity here on earth. Starting with a 6.0 earthquake in Kegen, Kazakhstan, then a powerful 6.8 earthquake in Chile which triggered a very small 1 meter tsunami that was not a threat. Many of these earthquakes have taken place on the ring of fire, which is one of the most active areas on the planet.

The above chart highlights the list of earthquakes that don’t look to be slowing down, for some reason earthquakes are increasing all of the sudden. In Hyderabad, mysterious tremors have jolted the Phalaili area, creating fright among the dwellers late Thursday night. Geological department has denied any earthquake in the location.


Many Frightened people rushed out of their homes in panic, and hundreds of people including women and children spent hours in open and intense cold weather conditions.

What was strange was that there was no earthquake reported on the Richter scale, and many locals believe that the event was a supernatural incident.

The 6.7 earthquake struck near the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific, according to the U.S Geological Survey.

The temblor’s epicenter was 42 miles southwest of Lata, Solomon Islands, and 332 miles north-northwest of Luganville, Vanuatu which is another active earthquake region. There have been several small earthquakes

that have taken place on the solomon islands, and within the last 24 hours, several smaller quakes ranging from 4.6 to 6.0 in magnitude have struck the area.

Dramatic Video Of Four Volcanoes Erupting At Once


Here is the worldwide volcanic activity taking place for 2/1/2013, at the Stromboli volcano in Italy, there have been low to medium levels of activity. Explosions have become significantly smaller in the region.

Etna Volcano In Italy – The Etna volcano is calm this morning, however there are weak ash emissions that are taking place at the New SE crater.

Tolbachik Volcano In Kamchatka: The eruption continues with no change to report since yesterday. Fluid lava continues to erupt from the vent on the southern fissure and feeds lava flows in area.

Sakurajima Volcano in Kyushu: This volcano has been productive as of late, and there have been several large explosions over the past days, producing ash plumes rising to 10,000 feet in altitude. Taal Volcano In The Philippines: There have been 8 small earthquakes that have been registered in the past two days. There are no alarming signs that would suggest an eruption in the near future.

Popocatepetl In Central Mexico: Glow remains brightly visible at night, with the rate of weak steam/gas/ash.

Santa Maria Volcano In Guatemala: Activity was low as of today, with only small explosions and a few small explosions and small avalanches from the active flows were reported.

Fuego Volcano In Guatemala: Both explosive and effusive activity have been low today, with only 4 weak explosions with ash plumes rising about 300 m were counted, and the lava flow was only 150 m long this morning.

Arenal Volcano In Costa Rica: The volcano has shown some increased seismicity at the end of December, but has calmed down again.

Caphue volcano in Chile: There has been decreased seismic activity. No new surface activity was noted, but the alert level remains at orange.

Heard Volcano In Australia: A thermal hot spot remains visible at the summit crater on MODIS satellite data, suggesting that some activity continues there.


The Louisiana Sinkhole Update For 2/1/2013


The situation in Bayou Corne continues to get worse, as the sinkhole continues to enlarge, with more tremors reported for 2/1/2013. Here is the most recent flyover which shows that the area is sinking, it is not just a sinkhole anymore, the area is sinking into the ground because of the collapsed salt dome.

When you take a long look  at the photo’s, you can clearly see that there is a much larger area that is sinking. Here is an interesting quote from an official, posted on enews.com:

“[…] Another concern is the stability of the rest of the salt dome. [John Boudreaux, Assumption Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness director] noted there are other caverns inside the dome and some house oil and gas.

“The concern is this cavern would have a domino effect on other caverns because this one is failing,” Boudreaux said. “It could cause a bigger problem.” […]”


The situation is no longer containable, and with bubbling coming up to the surface and causing residents to have to evacuate, it is a good time to avoid the area if possible.

One Last Note On The Gulf Of Mexico

Scientists have now confirmed that much of the oil that spilled into the gulf of Mexico now is at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.  This added pressure in the Gulf, along with the salt domes that were drilled into during the so called “Oil Spill” could cause a disaster close to what happened in Lake Peigneur 1980 disaster:


Here is a good overview video of the exact threat that could be quickly developing in Louisiana:


Live Update: Magnitude 5.0 and 5.1 earthquakes have taken place at the time of writing this article. At the present time there is no report of damages or loss of life.

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