Earthquake Activity Increases

A powerful 6.4 earthquake stuck just off the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu, with no tsunami warnings issued for the region.

Many Seismologists say that the earthquake had a relatively shallow depth of 34 kilometers. The earthquake took place just before midday, and centered 108 kilometers northwest of the capital, Port, Vila according to the usgs. The Vanuatu region lies on the Pacific Ring of Fire, which is known for seismic activity.

In Romania an earthquake took place on Saturday, measuring a magnitude 4.6 on the Richter scale. There were no reports of damages or loss of life. Alaska is another area that experienced earthquakes over the weekend with a 5.1 earthquake hitting just off the coast of Central America.

There was another 5.0 earthquake in Tonga. A magnitude 4.5 earthquake hit Iran just 4 hours ago. South America experienced a 4.5 earthquake, 4.4 quake hit Afghanistan and Alaska just 9 hours ago.

The Pacific ring of fire is very active as of late, and more earthquakes could take place in the coming days and weeks on the pacific ring of fire.

 Strange Implosion In A Tunnel Leaves 7 Missing

In Japan, police have found several burned bodies inside a vehicle after

a tunnel collapsed about 80 kilometers west of tokyo. Two cars remained trapped Sunday after the tunnel collapsed,according to the East Yamanashi Fire Department.

Many fire officials said the section of concrete that fell was about 50 to 60 meters long and about 20 centimeters ( 8 inches)thick. The cause of this tunnel collapse is still unknown, however, Nancy Lieder may have the answer below:



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