Massive Earthquakes From The Past


In 1700, a massive earthquake struck the west coast of North America. There was a powerful enough earthquake to cause a tsunami as far as Japan.

There is a new report from researchers at the University of Pennsylvania which has helped unlock this geological mystery using fossil based technique.

Their work provides a finer-grained portrait of this earthquake and the changes in coastal land levels that the quake produced. The Cascadia Subduction Zone runs along the Pacific Northwest coast of the United States into Vancouver Island Canada. As reported yesterday, this particular

fault line can produce a mega-thrust earthquake 9.0 or higher, based upon historical records of the area.

“Previous research had determined the timing and the magnitude, but what we didn’t know was how the rupture happened,” Horton said. “Did it rupture in one big long segment, more than a thousand kilometers, or did it rupture in parcels?”

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Volcanic Activity In Mexico


The earth has not been shy to volcanic activity as of late, as thousands of people are now living in the shadow of the Popocateptl volcano in Mexico. At the time, residents are on high alert, due to seismic activity increases, and ash spewing in recent days.

Officials have closed off an exclusion zone around the cone of the volcano and are poised to evacuate towns in its foothills as experts warned of plumes of steam reaching more than a half a mile into the sky above the crater.

“‘We’re ready for any emergency,’ Lidia Carrillo, a spokeswoman for the state, told the Los Angeles Times.Moderate outbursts from Popo in recent years have seen officials forced to evacuate residents from their homes.

The millions of people who have settled in and around the Mexican capital mean experts regard Popocatepetl as one of the most potentially destructive volcanoes in the world.”

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Breaking News: A magnitude 5.7 earthquake has just hit Papua New Guinea, no reports of damages or loss of life in this tremor.

Doomsday Clouds & Planet X ?

One of the claims made by planet X researchers and enthusiasts is the claim that planet X will make it’s approach and cause strange electromagnetic disruptions that can be seen worldwide. Today we have a report of strange cloud formations taking place Shropshire in the United Kingdom:



For those who are new to our website, planet X is the theory that a possible celestial body that could be traveling at the outer regions of our solar system  and making it’s way past earth at some point, causing major disasters and catastrophe’s.

Where did the entire planet X theory come from? And is it a theory or a fact?  To answer the first question, there are articles dating back all the way to the 1950’s that speak of the mysterious planet X, and how it was discovered in the outer reaches of our solar system.

Here is the link to all of the article about planet X:

Check out the above link if you want more details about  planet X, and feel free to search through the hundreds of articles that we have written on the topic by performing a search at the top right search box on our home page.

On to the second question, is planet X just a theory or a fact? Planet X toes the line between conspiracy and fact because  there is good information about planet X and bad information about planet X. From our personal research into planet X, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that planet X exists. Massive sinkholes, flooding, earthquakes, active volcanoes across the planet, strange mass animal deaths, magnetic pole migration, and earth wobble are just a few things that suggests an outside force affecting our planet.

Notice how rivers in some areas have turned blood red, and honey bees are disappearing by the millions? Notice the drought conditions, and extreme weather events taking place everyday?

Here is another article that we wrote about the evidence that is mounting for planet X:

On top of all of the evidence in the above article, the blood red rivers on our planet cannot be explained by authorities. This red dust could be red iron oxide dust from the tail of planet X according to Blood red rivers and red rain, have shown up in India , leaving many researchers and authorities searching for answers.

Another strong piece of evidence for planet X is the rapid increase in fireballs that have been reported over the past few years. So far in 2013 we have almost exceeded the total amount of meteors for 2010.

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4 X Class Flares Shoot From The Sun


So what is the threat of these solar flares in 2013? Watch the video below, and then think about how much of our communications and electrical systems the world is dependent on, that is the threat.

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