The location of where this sinkhole formed is interesting, as it is near lakes, and a coastal area. The following image is a map of where the sinkhole took place:

Google Maps


Could this coastal area be in the process of sinking? Of course China is known to have large areas that can develop sinkholes, especially as of late.

Here is a what Nancy Lieder has to say about the sinkholes in China:

“What is causing this rash of sinkholes across southern China? Notice the Provinces involved, and their location – Sichuan Province, where the pressure from the subducting Indo-Australian Plate is greatest, and Jiangxi and Hunan and Guangxi provinces strung out in a region affected by breaking rock where the tongue of the Eurasian Plate housing Indonesia is breaking off. The Sichuan basin sits atop the Himalayas, in an area where the Himalayas are pushing east. A major fault line, the Xianshuihe fault, runs through the area.

Satellite views show the rumpled mountains of the Himalayas in relation to the location of the recent Sichuan sinkholes. In 2007 in Guangxi Province 100 sinkholes suddenly appeared. But these sinkholes have only started to appear in these numbers since Planet X began jerking the Earth around in a daily wobble. Per the Zetas, there is not only a relationship, there is a cause and effect, absolutely. “

One can only imagine what could have happened if the sinkhole sucked up a building that was occupied by tenants, there could have been a tragic event that took place. The large sinkholes that are opening is nothing normal, despite what the news media may have you to believe.

There are too many sinkholes opening up across the world, for it to be water main breaks, the mainstream news reports water main breaks, but they never report what is actually breaking the water mains.

The Louisiana Sinkhole Area Is Sinking

The situation in Assumption Parish continues to worsen, as tremors expand the sinkhole everyday. The entire area looks to be sinking, as water has spread across the area. The following video highlights before and after images of the sinkhole, there is a link to the original source below the video for more information.


So now the question that may come to mind is if there is any other areas that could potentially be sinking? 

In St Francisville, LA, a recent article from reports that officials have closed a portion of LA 10 in West Feliciana Parish due to flooding in the area. LA 10 has been shut down between Royal Street and the old ferry landing as well.

parish la


Within an 85 mile radius we have two areas with reports of flooding, so we can come to the conclusion that there is sinking in a large portion of Louisiana. On top of the flooding in the two areas mentioned, there is also flooding in the Vermilion river at Lafayette, Surrey street gage.

According to weather underground “Minor flooding is occurring.” On top of the current flooding there are several flood warnings for other areas in Louisiana, such as Covington, LA, and Slidell La. 

The following video is from October 24th, 2012 and it is now 1/2/2013:

The reason why we mention the dates, is because it clearly shows that we could be reaching a climax point, where that butane container could potentially explode, which would be one of the largest explosions ever seen in America. We would not recommend any readers to be near the Louisiana sinkhole area, and if possible, no where near louisiana, as flooding could spread even further in-land.

Gigantic salt domes have been breached in the Gulf of Mexico after drilling from the BP oil disaster, and when water combines with salt it dissolves, so more sinking could be in affect.


Here was an interesting comment that we found just below this video:

“Well, we now know that there are seven massively huge plumes of asphalt/abiotic fluid gushing up right next to a major salt dome, in the Gulf of Mexico.

Today, 4 U.S. Military double rotor helicopters flew north along the mid Florida coastline. I’ve never seen them do that before. I wonder if they know something that we don’t know?

If the floor of the Gulf of Mexico goes, due to the open fissures and depletion of the salt dome by the Macondo well, Florida might get sucked into the vortex!”

If you have followed this blog for a while you understand that coastal areas in Florida are sinking, and there are also sinkholes in the area. It remains to be seen if the drilling in the Gulf of Mexico will cause an entire state to sink, so before we state that as a fact, we will wait and see.

Here is another informative video that will help our readers grasp what is really going on:


Earthquakes And Volcanic Activity

 A 1.4 earthquake hit Summerville, South Carolina and there were residents that were shaken out of their sleep on early Tuesday morning due to the the quake. There was

another earthquake on Tuesday at 4:17 a.m. Originating in the area of Dogwood Ridga and Ashley River Road near Mateeba Estates.

The white Island volcano in New zealand is currently has fluctuating volcanic tremor activity, with bursts of mud, rocks, and strong steam emissions. At the current time there is an elevated state of unrest, with no imminent signs of eruption.

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