In the previous video I posted, I highlighted the western sky for a potential capture of planet x:

Here are today’s photo’s that I took in the western sky, and to the southwest: dscf3270 dscf3271 dscf3265 dscf3264 dscf3267 dscf3266 dscf3258 dscf3257 dscf3256

Unfortanetly some people will say, look there goes planet x or nemesis, but they don’t realize that it is simply a break in the clouds, so just be aware that this clouding effect does happen. dscf3255 dscf3254 dscf3261 dscf3260 dscf3259 dscf3251 dscf3250 dscf3252 I want to quickly go over the blanketed sky that I captured today, it was very disturbing because I know that sun is a powerful thing for melenated individuals.

the perfect time to view the sunset I witnessed the entire south, west, and north west skies littered with poisonous chem-trails.

Chem trails in pythagorean numerology(the practice of coding words into numbers by the zionist jews) equals : 45 so does Albert pike: 45 in pythagorean numerology.
So what! is their any other connection between Albert Pike(33 degree freemason) and chemtrails? By performing a search on Google I turned up a title of a video called:

Iron mountain agenda21 chemtrails Albert Pike {William Cooper}

This original link is saying that the video account has been terminated by youtube, which is interesting, but you can find the video on YouTube:
Basically, chemtrails are not good for the environment, and the very air that we breathe, and Albert Pike wanted depopulation and was apart of the illuminati, that is the connection!

Here is a link to a website to join the fight against chemtrails the best we can:

If you write out the word 45 ” Fourty Five” that equals: 57 and so does Scottish Rite & Ninety Nine , and the bavarian illuminati was founded on 5/1/1776 | 5+1+1+7+7+6 = 99.

So, the  fight against the powers that be spraying the sky goes on, and it will not be an easy one but can be done.


Moving along to Fireball events, we are seeing an increase in fireball reports, and in 2016 we will surpass the total amount of fireball reports for 2015. At this moment, the nemesis system is a wait and watch game, but there are still dates that are being thrown out there.

Of course, I’m not a big fan of dates, and I’ll stand by that because of the amount of deception that exists on the internet.

Every year, someone says something is going to happen, the asteroid is going to strike wiping out the east coast of America, and the say things like “I had a vision”, but they
don’t tell anyone else how to see the same “vision”.

Could it be that the real agenda is to keep people so fearful about a single doomsday, that they don’t try to anything about the doom happening right now!? 

I think this is apart of the agenda, but the pink skies, orbs, orbs reflecting off of water, and webcam footage is obvious at this point.

So at the bare minimum even if you don’t believe nothing is going to happen, it is still wise to return back to nature, because our planet is being turned into an un-natural, and very selfish and greedy place.

We all need food and water at the most basic level, but many other conveniences could be much cheaper than what the manufacturers would have you to believe, so the problem is corporate greed mainly.

What I do know is that on a proven, factual level, the data, photo’s, video, and charts point to this incoming celestial body, and we must continue to watch how things unfold. Italy
was rattled with aftershocks, and as of today they continue on:


If I capture anything I’ll post it, but keep in mind, I had a full video I wanted to make, and the video editing was giving me all types of problems once again, so this work is very difficult to do at this moment.

Unfortunately , people judging from the outside looking end, don’t comprestand that I’ve been under attack, and continue to be attacked daily by the cubed windows 10 system.

Cube as in Saturn, and if you look at the hexagon on Saturn you can draw lines on it to make a cube, just like the cube in front of the Apple store in the Big Apple = 41 like Brain wash in pythagorean numerology.

Don’t you see many people staring at their cubed iphone screens being brain washed daily?

I would like to get a windows 7 desktop computer , but money is tight, and I have more important issues to take care of at the moment,  don’t give up on me and unsubscribe to my youtube channel or website because I don’t update or say something harsh, I can frustrate people with my ways , but it’s not on purpose(google search natal chart).

The evil that has riddled many people in the truther community has always done this! Oppress people who are a threat, and eliminate competition as one of the Rockefeller mentioned.

The current computer that I use is the only one that I have to use at certain times of the day, so I need your patience, and thank you for reading.




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