The last 48 hours have been an interesting, with a long list of 50+ aftershocks from the 7.7 that shook Masset Canada. A small tsunami wave did hit Hawaii after the large quake, with no reports of damages. Officials warn that the danger could still pose a threat, and it’s important for residents in the area to be cautious.

The good news so far is that residents can go back into their homes, as the earthquake did not do any significant damage to buildings in the area. Here is a video that covers the story on the ground:

As we saw with the tsunami that hit Sumatra and several other places in 2004, it is not the first wave that is the most dangerous, it is the second and thirds waves. Here is footage of that tsunami coming into the shore, notice how the last wave comes in even further than the first wave:


For more information about the small tsunami waves click here. 

Hurricane Sandy Update

There hasn’t been no shortage of hype around hurricane sandy, with many news websites reporting sandy to be a storm of epic proportions and danger. Lives have been lost to the storm, so there is a reason why so many news sites are making this storm out to be one of the worst in history.

Everything from schools, New York tunnel systems, businesses, and airliners are closed, with tens of thousands of national guard troops deployed in the area. Even the American stock exchange is closed for the day, here is what the Mayor of New York had to say:

“If you don’t evacuate, you are not only endangering your life, you are also endangering the lives of the first responders who are going in to rescue you,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned. “This is a serious and dangerous storm.”

According to the Chicago Tribune article:

“After hooking inland, Sandy was expected to collide with a wintry storm moving in from the west and cold air streaming down from the Arctic. Forecasters said the combination could bring close to a foot of rain in places, a potentially lethal storm surge of 4 to 11 feet across much of the region, and punishing winds that could cause widespread power outages that last for days.”

In other news a Tall historic ship sinked and 14 people were rescued, with two missing. Here is video footage of the rescue:

Rescue workers in the area watched the HMS Bounty sink this morning, as the boat could not be saved, after attempting to avoid the storm. Overall the storm is strengthening, with wind gusts of over 100 mph reported in central NJ.

From all of the reports that we have been reading, flooding is one of the major issues with this storm, as well as the storm combining with another system. There are many areas that are not used to so much rain, and as the storm makes it’s approach, those areas could become flooded.

Poás Volcano Shakes

poas volcano

Early Sunday the Poas volcano awoke residents in the province of Alejuela with a strong rumble. At 1 a.m, the volcano’s crater ejected ash more than 500 meters into the air. Many experts who study the volvano mentioned that that the activity for the volcano is normal, but they will continue to monitor the situation closely, and the park will remain open to tourists while experts

determine if there is a risk to those who visit the park.

The next few weeks and months will be very interesting, will we see two suns in the sky by the end of the year? Will earth changes become much more dramatic? And will planet X be announced by the mainstream media, NASA, or the president?




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