Terrance Crutcher Decoded


The name Terence Crutcher sounds  fake right off the back(Not saying it is), and he was shot at the 44 minute mark which equals kill in simple gematria(Gematria is the practice of coding words into numbers).

Terence Crutcher = Crutcher = CC = 33 highest degree of scottish rite freemasonry.

“Terence” in the English Reduction system equals 34, the reflection of 34 = 43 and 43 = Cival War in English Reduction numerology.

Crutcher = 42 in English Reduction system so does zionism, nigger, freemason, and boy ( recently there was a ‘Police Shooting of Boy’ in ohio, also used in many racial shootings).

Crutcher = 96 in English Ordinal , so does the word satanism in simple Gematria, flip 96 and you get 69 which = race war in English Ordinal

 Keith Lamont Scott Decoded

Starting at 4:26, the news reporter says ” “The beginning of protests that we knew were gonna be happening”, here is the link:


“Police chief: Scott was ‘an imminent threat’ = “An Imminent Threat” in the English Reduction system equals 76, if you flip 76 = 67

Blood Sacrifice = 67 in English Ordinal

Lamont Scott in Jewish Gematria Equals: 584
surrender = 584

Lamont = 27 in English Reduction system and so does Saturn = 27 in English Reduction, the satanic groups who orchestrate these events worship Saturn.

Lamont Scott in Simple Gematria Equals = 152 so does King of the jews in English Gematria

Something tells me that these shootings could have been blood sacrifices, especially in the case of  Keith Lamont Scott, and the fact that it looks like ‘Terrance’ was indeed shot.

What does this have to do with planet x? If there is a martial law scenario coming soon, or before the elections, this could be the build up if that is what going to happen.

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