Columbia was struck with a strong 6.2 earthquake just days ago causing many buildings to sway, and the good news is that there were no injuries are damages to buildings.

The earthquake activity combined with the volcanic activity in this region is interesting, is there something bigger going on?

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With that being said, there is plenty of earthquake and volcanic activity taking place, with much of the activity not being recorded.  The markers represent the recent volcanic activity, and by the looks of things this side of the ring of fire is very busy.

Reventador (Ecuador) – Currently this volcano has shown strong seismic signals with magma on the move along with tremor activity. This volcano will be something to keep an eye on and is under watch at the moment.

Santorini (Greece)   –  The island of Santorini showed a large earthquake signal , hopefully that is an error, but the last time we witnessed a large signal like this, was when Turriabla last erupted.

Both volcanoes are under watch, and unfortunately not all of the volcanoes have web cams in South America so we will have to work with what we can find.


Southern Idaho U.S.A – There is currently  a small flurry of earthquakes in Southern Idaho, with four 3.1 earthquakes and one 3.4 earthquake.

 Near The Coast Of Western Turkey – There are a total of eleven 2.0 – 3.0 earthquakes that have struck in Turkey so far.

What was shocking when we looked at this map, was just how many more earthquakes there were in Chile. Even though these earthquakes were smaller, they still paint a clearer picture on what is taking place.


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