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A downpour of rain flooded Texas and parts of the South, dropping 7 inches of rain in some areas, and waters receding in Houston on Sunday morning, according to officials in the area.

“It’s a nice, beautiful and very green day today – not a cloud in the sky,” said Houston Fire Department spokesman Sgt. Jay Evans.

The good news to report is that there were no reports of death or injuries. 150 rescues were needed of motorists who accidentally drove into high water and became trapped in their vehicles.

The line of storms stretched from the Texas-Mexico border through Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky.


Six Months After Hurricane Sandy | Families Still Struggle


One of the ongoing stories for 2013 has been the effects of the devastating hurricane sandy, which has still left families homeless.

The storm flattened trees, demolished homes, and submerged cities. Most residents will be quick to point out that life has returned to normal, however, there is still a large group of

people who say life is far from being normal. Families are stretched across New Jersey, New York and Texas, and tens of thousands of people still remain homeless in different areas.

One of the more common stories is the battle that some residents are having with insurance companies, and utility companies that claim residents still have a bill to pay after being without power for months.

Coastal areas in the future should be something to avoid, especially if a there is a celestial body that passes the earth and tries to pull the earth into its own orbit.

 20×20 Foot Sinkhole Closes Street

A traffic advisory for sections of 101st-Purple Heart Parkway has been announced for 101st-Purple Heart Parkway. Both westbound lanes of Purple Heart Parkway between Ft. Campbell Blvd are closed

down due to the massive 20 foot by 20 foot sink hole. Citizens in the area have been advised to avoid the location until the Clarksville Police Department and Tennessee Department of Transportation can set-up detours.


31 Dolphins Have Died In South Australia In 6 Weeks

Two more juvenile dolphins have been found dead off the coast of South Australia, as tests confirm other have died from a virus not previously detected in the state.

As of March 1, 2013 31 dead dolphins have been discovered on the South Australian coastline, 26 found dead in Gulf St Vincent,3 in Spencer Gulf, and 2 in the south-east.

“Morbillivirus can be spread through close contact between dolphins, including between mother and newborn,” he said in a statement.



One of the more strange earthquakes comes out of Calipatria California, measuring a 3.0 on the Richter scale.

The shallow earthquakes took place, just 7 miles from Calipatria, California, the U.S Geological Survey reports.The tremor took place at 10:32 a.m Pacific time.

In just the last 10 days alone, there have been four magnitude 3.0 or greater earthquakes in the area.

We have three 5.0 or greater earthquakes to report for 4/29/2013 using the U.S Geological Survey:

5.0 40km SW of Meulaboh, Indonesia 3.851°N 95.900°E 69.0
5.5 10km E of Hasaki, Japan 35.737°N 140.945°E 29.0
5.0 East central Pacific Ocean 5.482°N 99.153°W 10.0

Volcanic Activity

stromboli volcano.

The Stromboli volcano located on the Eolian Islands in Italy shows spattering and a lava effusion increase at the North East Hornito, which feeds a large sustained lava flow on the Sciara del Fuoco. Activity has dropped off a bit as of yesterday, but strong explosions and small lava overflows

from the North East crater rim and a vent at the outer flank continued, along with frequent rockfalls on the Sciara. At the present time activity seems to be on the rise again.

The next volcano to show explosions and ash plumes reaching 7,000 feet in the air is the Batu Tara volcano on the Sunda Islands in Indonesia.

At the Paluweh volcano in Indonesia, activity continues, with a larger event which produced an ash plume reaching 10,000 feet in altitude.

At the Gaua volcano in Vanuatu there was a an ash plume on the 29th of April. The White Island volcano in New Zealand has a lowered alert level from Geonet.

The active Popocatepetl volcano in Central Mexico has shown a recent spike in volcanic earthquake swarms, with a batch of new magma rising, and an up-tick in emissions that have taken place in 24 hours.

The largest emission took place yesterday at 10:33 local time, and produced a steam and ash plume, which rose 1.2 kilometers above the crater, then drifted North East.

A new eruptive phase is taking place at the Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador, with ash emissions. A new explosion yesterday created a steam-ash column, reaching 4 kilometers initially.

 The Latest Planet X Video


Planet X has several names by the ancient cultures before us,

It was known as:

  • ‘Nibiru’ by the Sumerians
  • ‘Destroyer’ by the Egyptians and Hebrews
  • ‘Phaeton’ by the Greeks
  • ‘Typhon’ by Pliny
  • ‘Frightener’ by the Celts

Source we recommend reading

A quick heads up on our source, we want the reader to know that the author speaks of planet X coming in 2012, but this was incorrect.

Increasing Martial Law & Planet X

Our latest prediction is some type of martial law scenario in the near future, and eventually a large terrorist event could be staged, in order to practice martial law on a large-scale. An entire city was not shut down because of one man in the Boston area, guns have been confiscated in hurricane Katrina, but not a situation where the entire city was on lock down.

This is why the Boston martial law event was extremely significant, and should be a warning of what could come next. Many individuals accepted a complete violation of their rights, and one can only wonder what would happen if a larger terrorist event would take place

If planet x is real, we expect some type of large-scale event to take place right before it makes its approach. Once again, this is speculation based upon false flag events of the past, stay tuned for updates.



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