Dead Dolphin Found On Beach


The carcass of an adult dolphin recently washed up in the Alderney area. What is strange about this recent dolphin death? According to a report by the dolphin appeared to have been in good health and the cause of death is unknown.

Ecologist Gareth Price said it appeared that the animal had died out at sea and eventually washed up by the ocean tide. AWT staff and volunteers were called out to the beach to take measurements for the Natural History Museum’s Stranded Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises project.

“There were a few scrapings on its body, but otherwise the dolphin seemed in good health,” said Mr Price. “We dont think it had become stranded while it was alive, but we really don’t know what the cause of death was”. -

Dead Right Whale Found On A Florida

right whale

On the 21st of December a 26-foot North Atlantic right whale believed to be a year old was found dead. There was a boater who reported seeing the whale almost 3 miles off Melbourne on Tuesday, authorities in the area wanted to tow the whale ashore.

The whale eventually drifted to a Flagler County beach overnight, according to NOAA Fisheries representative Allison Garret. The Bioligists who examined the whale Wednesday said it was a male. At the current time they are trying to determine the cause of the death, as the whale did not appear to have

become entangled in fishing nets or have been hit by a ship, which is one of the major risks to whales.

Right whales are one of the rarest animals on earth with the North Atlantic population that numbers more than 400 total.

A loggerhead sea turtle was found on Nantasket Beach in Hull yesterday, which marks the second turle found dead so far in the week.


More Turtles Wash Ahore 


Recently, Hypothermic sea turtles continue to wash up in what looks to be record numbers on Cape Cod. The turtle weighed 40-pounds and was resuced by Casy Fredette and animal control officer.

Cold-stunned sea turtles strand annually on Cape Cod but almost always on the southern and eastern beaches of Cape Cod Bay from Sandwich to Truro. Strandings on the South shore are a very rare event, and normally are confined to the discovery of long dead, and much smaller turtles early in the winter time.

This past Saturday, 13 hypothermic sea turtles were brought to Quincy from Cape Cod. That is an unusually large umber fro a single day this late in the month of December. The total number of loggerheads that have washed ashore over the past 24 hours comes to a whopping 45! –

 What Caused These Animals To Die? 

The earth’s magnetic field is used by animals to navigate, and currently the magnetic field is being twisted by something in space. When this is disrupted animals have trouble navigating to find food, and find their way around the oceans of the world. It is a scientific fact that this is the case, and for the most part, the twisting of the magnetic field is only talked about by researchers, and not government agencies such as, why is that?

Here is a researcher that goes over the twisting of the earth’s magnetic field, and the patterns that emerge from the magnetic field twisting:



A moderate earthquake struck an area around the Black Sea on Sunday, which sent residents of the Russian city of Sochi into the streets in fear of buildings collapsing.

There were no reports of damages to buildings or loss of life, which had a magnitude 5.8 strike at 1331 GMT, according to the UGSS. The epicenter of the quake took place in the Black Sea, 46 kilometers from the coast of Abkhazia, a breakaway region of Georgia which neighbors Russia.

The Interfax news agency mentioned that the quake was felt tremendously in the Black Sea city of Sochi, which will host the Winter Olympics in 2012.

So-Cal Earthquake

In southern California a magnitude 3.9 earthquake was reported Sunday morning seven miles from Lake Nacimiento, according to the U.S Geological Survey. The temblor took place at 2:02 a.m. Pacific time at a depth of 3.1 miles.
The epicenter of the quake was 10 miles from Cambria, 14 miles from San Simeon, 15 miles from Paso Robles and 129 miles from San Jose City Hall. In just the last 10 days there have been two earthquakes measuring 3.0 or greater in the area.

Here is a list of magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquakes for 12/23/2012 according to the

M Location
Click event below for details
Lat Lon D
5.5 46km SW of Och’amch’ire, Georgia 42.417°N 41.064°E 10.0
5.2 188km SE of Sarangani, Philippines 4.171°N 126.634°E 31.9
5.2 10km WSW of Khvoy, Iran 38.504°N 44.845°E 10.5
5.2 100km NNW of Sola, Vanuatu 13.080°S 167.113°E 211.0

Chile’s Volcano On High Alert


Chile has raised the alert level for the Copahue volcano to red, which is the highest alert level possible.
The 10,00 ft volcano in Argentina’s south-western Neuquen province, near the Chilean Border. The volcano began spewing ash and gas on Saturday morning.Many of the authorities in the area have told residents of local villages to monitor the situation.

Many people have already left the area to stay on the safe side, as ash has started raining down on both sides of the border.

Roads are being cleared for possible evacuation, as plumes of smoke is about 1,500m (5,000ft) high and wind is pushing it all away from Argentina, said Chile’s emergency office (Onemi).

While the mainstream media still publishes articles talking about how the end of the world didn’t come, for some reason they forget to report what is actually going on, and more importantly, what are the real threats that face planet earth based upon present earth changes.

Hopefully we can fill this void for our readers, and bring you the latest on what is taking place on earth.




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