On the 7900 block of Harwood road just east of Davis Road, a family is left in shock as a young girl was badly burned by an explosion. Seven other people were inside the house at the time of the explosion.

“It just blew out all the windows,” Reinoshek said. “I had to get the door–the bathroom door off of my niece then get her outside.” –

In Guiyang China, six people have been confirmed dead and one injured after a coal mine gas blast on Saturday night in southwest China’s Guizhou province according to officials in the area. One person was injured in the coal mine blast and an investigation is underway. –source

Extreme Weather

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Two people were left dead as extreme weather events have spread across the country, as tornadoes, ice storms, and record setting warmth has set in. A tornado was most likely to blame for the damage which took place in the state of Mississippi.

Snowfall in Kansas and southeast Nebraska reached 3-6 inches, and in the mid Atlantic we had warmer than normal temperatures on the first day of winter. – source

Landslide – In traffic on route 909 in plum, this was closed temporarily after a landslide affected one lane on Logans Ferry Road.-source

Wildfires – The drought conditions have hit the state of California hard, and some of the recent news out of California is the containment of a wildfire which burned a total of 917 acres of land. Destroying a total of 34 buldings, 14 being homes. – source

Water Main Breaks

A water main break took place in Terryville, CT as crews work to repair a water main break which took place at the Terryville section of PLymoth. – source 

The next water main break took place in Conception Bay South in front of the town hall. Traffic will be cut down to just two lanes.- source


An eight inch water main brake broke on Myrtile and Ocean Avenues in Jersey City at around 11:25 p.m on December The 20th 2013.

“Water was all over the place,” said Peter Brown, 25, a local resident who was living in a house right in front of where torrents of water broke through the road, gushing up from a water main under Ocean Avenue.” –


A 3.8 earthquake took place in Nevada just 10 hours, no reports of damages.



 End Of The World Due To Climate Change?

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The weather channel is no stranger to end of the world scenarios, with their last tv special about a rogue planet and what it would do to the earth if passed. The Next video clip talks about how scientists believe that climate change could be the number one way that the world could seriously end.

Is this the way the media is trying to subliminally warn the public of planet x/nibiru? This could be a way to keep the public calm, even though the weather extremes are becoming more evident, and the earths wobble more severe. Hints on impending doom have popped up all over the place, here is the full episode of forecasting the end.


Once again, another attempt by the main stream media to reveal the truth about planet x/nibiru? And the fact that people are still capturing a strange object near the sun? This looks like the case, as people will begin to get angry with those who are supposed to keep their population informed.

We shall find out soon, the answer to this question, and how will people respond to the pending planet x announcement, if any.

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