u2, under a blood red sky,

Remember this album cover? Under a blood red sky? Here are the lyrics to one of the songs on this album, quote:

“Out Of Control”

Monday morning
Eighteen years of dawning
I say how long
You say how long It was one dull morning
Woke the world with bawling
I was so sad (so sad)
It was so bad I was of a feeling it was out of control
I had the opinion it was out of control  Boys and Girls
Go to the school and girls
They make children
Not like this oneI was of a feeling it was out of control
I had the opinion it was out of controlI was of a feeling it was out of control
I had the opinion it was out of control

(Out of control)

I fought fate
There’s blood on the garden gate
The man said childhood
It’s in his childhood

One day I’ll die
The choice will not be mine
Will it be too late
You can’t fight it

I was of a feeling it was out of control
I had the opinion it was out of control


Was the U2 album cover referring to planet x? And why are we witnessing blood red skies today?

The following are photo’s taken on 1/4/2014, which reveal a red sky after the sun as set. A light source is then revealed near the constellation of Aquila, as shown in the video below:

Our viewing location:






This photo does this sunset picture no justice, the entire sky line was dark red facing directly west, with a strange light source north west. This light source cannot be Venus, Venus is more south west to the left of this image.

Another point to remember about the photo below is that the sun is dropping below the horizon, so why is the sky still glowing red?
pic 1




The photo’s speak loud and clear, the dust form planet x is being reflected by the sun, and the sky is becoming more and more red by the day. It will only be a matter of time before more of the sky becomes red.

Watching the sunset we witnessed the sky red facing directly north west, north, and directly south. The dust is being reflected now across entire atmosphere.

Notice the dark rusty color to the sky, as mentioned in our previous video there was no adult who could remember seeing this type of sky as a child.




We are having technical difficulty again making YouTube videos but who cares, the truth is already about to be revealed about planet x, so it’s too late for the thought police who are making this research a difficult task.

Planet x is coming between the constellation of Aquila and Hercules in the northern hemisphere:

Bavaria Planet X 1

That is what the photo’s that we are taking, and others are taking across the world can confirm.

Bavaria_Planet_X_1 (7) (1)

The below image is the planet x system inbound with many moon swirls around it. What else would have multiple objects around it?

photo_(21)x (1) (1)So how can these images be lens flares when when they the planet x system is behind the clouds? That’s because they are not lens flares, and soon the world will awaken to the truth, and many people will be very upset.

We live in a world of deception, and here is a youtube channel that will reveal  this futher:

Black Child 

And of course in the Mississippi area I was able to capture this monster towards the end of the video:

A viewer by the name of Danny Secrest captured what looked to be a sun halo, but oh boy, it was not:

If you don’t remember anything we mention on this blog remember this, if you speak about planet x or you make videos on planet x, expect nothing but trouble. There is a reason why the biggest names in the earth changes topic will not speak about the subject.

They know they will be met with computer crashes, hacking attempts, and people sending them nasty links and threats. Expect no timely announcement of planet x, and here are a few other photo’s recently sent to us from viewers:



See the water reflection of the object to the right?

As a side note we are having more difficulty making youtube videos so it will be a long time before another video on YouTube.

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