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There is a restive “super volcano” that is west of Naples that is raising nervousness in the local Italian population. Ital’s Department of Civil Protection recently raised the alert level for the Phlegraen Fields, Wiersberg said the ground was rising by about three centimeters a month.

There are now concerns that a magma chamber under the fields could presumably connect to the one under mount Vesuvius, east Naples is filling up. An eruption of the volcano could be a disaster in the making.

There could be climatic changes that could take place. At the current time officials are trying to understand what is taking place under the surface of the volcano.

 Solomon Islands Earthquake Swarm

M Location
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Lat Lon D
5.0 135km SW of Lata, Solomon Islands 11.669°S 165.050°E 35.0
5.2 110km W of Lata, Solomon Islands 10.636°S 164.823°E 52.0
5.2 164km SW of Lata, Solomon Islands 11.819°S 164.824°E 34.2
5.1 155km SW of Lata, Solomon Islands 11.667°S 164.782°E 35.1
6.2 141km SW of Lata, Solomon Islands 11.664°S 164.960°E 9.8

6 deaths have taken place in the aftermath of of the Solomon Island 8.0 earthquake in the South Pacific. There were six bodies which include a child’s, and they

have been found in the sodden wreckage left by a tsunami that smashed into villages in the Solomon Islands, flattening dozens of homes in the south Pacific island chain.

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1.5 meter waves that roared inland on Santa Crus Island, in the eastern Solomons, on Wednesday there were too fast to outrun for five elderly villagers and one child, who died after being sucked under the rushing water that hit the area. A spokesman came out and stated that there are still 12 people that are missing, and there are several villagers that want to avoid the coastal areas.

“People are still scared of going back to their homes because there’s nothing left, so they are residing in temporary shelters on higher ground,” Herming said.

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In April 2007 more than 50 people were killed by an 8.1 magnitude earthquake that hit the western Solomon Islands, sending waves crashing into coastal villages.

 Flooding In Indonesia Signals Sinking 


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The sinking taking place in Indonesia is on a scale of a doomsday movie, yet there is very little news on the flooding taking place in the region. Here are a few details about the sinking that is taking place In Jakarta:

“Our map shows that about 50 percent of Jakarta is under water, ranging from 25 centimeters to 4 meters,” Johan Freddy, an official with National Disaster Management Agency, was quoted as saying.

He added that nearly 100,000 houses have been floodedleading to the displacement of 10,000 people into temporary shelters /

Rini, who lives in West Jakarta’s Jelambar neighborhood since childhood, said the floods in Jelambar last week were the worst she has experienced in her life. “I hope the rainy season would end soon so that the water in the streets would subside.”

But Rini’s wish may not be realized after weathermen warned that rains would continue and may prolong the flooding in the metropolis that has already killed 26 persons and displaced some 250,000.”

The Louisiana Sinkhole Is No Longer A Sinkhole


The entire area in Assumption Parish is sinking, as another salt dome is nearby, as reported earlier. If you watch the fly over video carefully there is water in between the trees. The most recent news coming out of Louisiana is that home owners are not renewing their insurance on their homes.

“In interviews with two evacuated residents and parish officials in the past two weeks, some said insurers were not renewing or had threatened not to renew their policies because their homes had been left vacant for more than 30 days.” –

Residents are getting tired of the run around that is taking place, and recently there was an outburst that took place at a meeting about the sinkhole that is growing, and officials have no idea on how they can fix the problem.

 “Assumption Parish Police Jury President Martin “Marty” Triche exchanged sharp words Wednesday night during a community meeting on the parish’s 8.6-acre sinkhole with a resident who asked whether Triche had any personal financial interests in dirt-hauling related to the response effort.”



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