The swarm of earthquakes continues with the most recently listed earthquakes measuring 4.3 and 4.2. It is staggering to think that the amount of earthquakes in the last 48 hours has reached 484! Many of the epicenters are located in an area 15 to 30 kilometers from the Grimsey region.

earthquake swarm

The tectonic plates in the area, are pulling away from each other in the area where the earthquake swarm is taking place. 

According to the Civil protection office of the National Commissioner in Iceland, there is a State of Uncertainty in the North Iceland area because of the swarm of earthquakes that have taken place. Around 5:00 the first 5.5 earthquake took place in the area. The 5.5 earthquake was then followed by a 4.3 earthquake.

The has reported that the plates are melting away again below the deep trenches of the Pacific Ocean.

Once again, we have 2 tectonic plates which are pulling away from each other, so this area will be on the watch for tremors in the very near future.  At the time there are no reports of damages to building or loss of life in the area.

Here is a list of magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquakes for 4/2/2013 according to the U.S geological Survey live feed:

M Location
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Lat Lon D
5.5 Kepulauan Barat Daya, Indonesia 7.359°S 128.559°E 156.6
5.3 176km E of Raoul Island, New Zealand 29.500°S 176.099°W 54.9
5.8 Southwest Indian Ridge 40.443°S 45.303°E 11.1
5.2 Southwest Indian Ridge 40.376°S 45.340°E 10.0
5.2 110km E of Miyako, Japan 39.551°N 143.234°E 20.3
5.3 48km NNW of Husavik, Iceland 66.460°N 17.625°W 10.0

From our examination of what has been taking place with recent earthquake activity, the earth is reeling from strong earthquakes, with a handful of 6.0 earthquakes in a time where the 188 day cycle is rearing it’s head. It will be interesting to see what happens next, as seismic unrest is also taking place at many of the world’s volcanoes.

Volcanic Activity

Good news to report about the El Hierro volcano, over the past two days the seismicity and deformation have dropped.
Maximum earthquake magnitudes have only reached 3.3 in magnitude thus far today, earthquake epicenters have remained offshore, and event foci have continued to cluster at 20 km depths.
There is elevated volcanic activity at the Telica volcano in Nicaragua, with no other parametric changes at the volcano.

Kvert reports no significant changes in eruptive seismic behavior at the five active Kamachtkan volcanoes:
Tolbachik, Bezymianny, Sheveluch, Kizimen, and Karymsky.

Smaller earthquake continue to occur at the Mount Hood volcano.

Another volcano which experiencing earthquakes is beneath the “South Moat” of the Long Valley Caldera.
Instability continues to happen at the Masaya volcano in Nicaragua, with elevated e earthquakes taking place at the COncepcion volcano.

A swarm of volcanic earthquakes continue at the White Island volcano today.

The Louisiana Sinkhole Spirals Out Of Control


Officials are gathering around the Louisiana sinkhole as a blue-ribbon commission is being tasked with finding out the long-term stability of the region in Assumption Parish.

The sinkhole has reached a staggering 13 acres and about 500 feet in-depth.

A failed cavern has caused one of the largest sinkholes on the planet. And recent seismic activity in the area is causing the sinkhole to continue to expand, as residents and officials grow even more concerned by the day.

Work has been halted due to the seismic activity up-tick in the area, an entire 71 acre area has been shut down. One of the most recent stories that we published, highlighted the 25 trees that have been swallowed, and also the chemicals coming from the sinkhole is making many residents in the area sick as well.

This will be an ongoing situation, as there really isn’t a solution for the giant sinkhole as of yet. Here is the latest flyover video of  the Louisiana sinkhole:


Chinese Workers Find More Bodies In Tibet


Chinese rescuers have found 15 more bodies of miners buried by a huge landslide in Tibet, survivors were searched for from Friday’s disaster even though dwindling hopes of finding anyone alive continue. The death toll stands at 17, with additional 66 miners still missing.

Here is the most recent video of the full news report out of the disaster zone:



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