When an earthquake strikes it can be devastating, swift, and leave a lot of damage in a very short period of time. Not only can it cause massive cracks, but it can also trigger tsunami’s and volcanic events, which can be a threat to communities and farmland.

Guatemal 1

In the recent 7.4 magnitude earthquake in Guatemala, 52 people have died and dozens of people are missing, as many people huddled in the dard and cold streets in fear of an aftershock.

There were many who crowded inside a hospital, which was the only building that was left with electricity after the stong 7.4 earthquake.

There were 1.2 million people affected by the large quake according to president Otto Perex Molina, and 700 people were in shelters, and the majority staying with family and friends.

“They have no drinking water, no electricity, no communication and are in danger of experiencing more aftershocks,” Perez told a news conference. The president said there had been 70 aftershocks in the first 24 hours after the quake, some as strong as magnitude 4.9.

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In other earthquake reports there was a magnitude 6.3 earthquake that struck the Vancouver Canada region with no reports of damages or loss of life. Even though this earthquake did not cause  a lot of damage it is still one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded in Canada’s history, which is an interesting note.

Some low lying coastal areas were evacuated as the earthquake alert was issued for the area.

500 Pigeons Drop Dead

Although the explanation for strange animal deaths cannot be explained by “scientists” in most cases, we have found an explanation that suits these strange events. The earth’s magnetic field is being twisted and bent in a way that animals cannot navigate and function properly, so they get confused and die from not being able to follow the usual patterns that they are used to.

On November the 8th, more than 500 dead pigeons dropped dead in the Bihar village district over the last four days, with many residents not knowing what was going on.

Here is what a District official had to say about this recent event:

“We were shocked, and we cannot understand why it happened,” Subodh Kumar Singh, a keeper of pigeons who lost 250 birds in two days, said. Another pigeon keeper, Mohan Singh, said, “We need some manner of inquiry into this. Why did such a large number of pigeons drop dead in a matter of days?”



Sperm Whale Found Dead


A 10-metre sperm whale was found dead on a North Stradbroke beach with it’s lower jaw removed, according to a marine biologist.

Dr Olaf Meynecke of the Australian Rivers Institute — Coast & Estuaries, at Griffith University, made the grisly find yesterday.

“When I got to the animal, its head was partially buried in the sand but rangers told me its lower jaw is missing,” he said.

“I am concerned the jaw may have been removed. If so, this is highly illegal and completely unacceptable. It’s very sad to see such a beautiful animal in this condition,” he said. – http://www.goldcoast.com

Flooding Continues As Plates Shift

According to the latest report from poleshift.ning and Nancy Lieder, the earth is going through a pole shift. That is why we are seeing sea levels rise and massive earthquakes take place on a regular basis. Here is a quote from the zetatalk.com news letter:

ZetaTalk Warning 2001: 
Heavily populated areas have several drawbacks during times of crisis such as the coming cataclysms will bring. However well prepared a given family may be, they are never prepared for what their neighbors will bring to them. New York City is one of the most heavily populated areas, and by being a coastal city, has additional strikes against it. For many, on islands along the coast supported by a system of bridges that have been torn apart, they will have no escape. Tall buildings will bash into each other during the seemingly endless earthquakes, which they were scarcely designed to withstand. Fires and the howls of the injured and desperate make travel through such a devastated area literally life threatening. Those who stay in New York City during the coming cataclysms are either ignorant of what is about to occur, courageous, or harboring a death wish!

A pretty harsh warning from the Zeta’s, and it looks as if the new capital of America could be in Denver, as many agencies have moved into the area, and more people move further in-land and a way from coastal areas due to storm surge and massive flooding that is displacing millions of people, with many deaths reported.

45 have been reported dead in places such as India, and 60,000 people have sought shelter as many different countries are sinking. For more information on this we highly recommend visiting the poleshift.ning web blog.


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