Often times in the mainstream media you never get to see the full scope of what is happening on our planet. One side of the story is told, and often times there are large events that are not even covered.

Let’s take for example the category 5 hurricane(Marcia) that recently affected Australia,  too bad Brian Williams couldn’t report it.  Anyways, this hurricane could have been much worse if it sustained the rapid strength that it gained.

This large news event was not even talked about on the nightly news, or the local news.

So now the public is finally getting hit with reality, and that reality is that the mainstream news media has been tainted. Many of you who are aware that only six news organizations run the mainstream media, understand this already.

These facts are the exact reason why you can never expect a subject such as planet x to be talked about openly in the mainstream media, let along getting an early announcement of planet x in our solar system.

If planet x is just a fantasy planet, then why no coverage about the subject on CNN,Fox? Why is that when debunkers make videos  or comments, they pick one small piece of evidence without going over the details of this subject?

When the msm goes out of their way to manipulate, distort, and hide the truth from the people there will be dis-trust.

Warming Up The Bunkers

Today there was an important video published highlighting the military build up around underground bunkers:


The video maker makes good points on what could be taking place here, and my view is that this can also be used to protect those who are in the underground facilities.

Another video posted highlights the two security breaches that and arrests within 24 hours.

The timing of all of this is interesting, once again, if planet x arrives fully visible in 2016 events should start happening more and more leading up until that time.

Scientists Study Zombies?

red skies

A recent cnet article highlights that Glacier National Park is a good area to become familiar with once the zombie apocalypse begins. Quote:

A team of researchers at Cornell University was inspired by the book “World War Z”by Max Brooks, as well as by a statistical-mechanics class, to model how an actual zombie outbreak might unfold.Cnet

What ever happened to scientist studying studying stem cells? Why zombies? The article goes on to state the following quote:

The model examined how an outbreak might spread in a population of about 300 million people.Cnet

It is interesting that the U.S population is around 320 million  at the moment.

At the present time there are enough weather extremes, mass animal deaths, and red skies happening to at least be ready for any natural or  un-natural disaster.

When you have the media now looked at as un-trustworthy it is important to pay attention to what they are doing and not what they are saying.

Loud Booms And Fireballs

Video source

The under reported fireballs is the new normal, with more coverage by big named Youtubers. Just years ago you wouldn’t have this much awareness when it comes to fireballs, and now more of the alternative media is covering these history breaking events.

Naked Eye Visible Photo’s

planet x twoThe truth is that this object in the western sky was visible with my naked eye, so in terms of someone saying my photo was a lens flare or artifact they have it wrong because I could see it without the camera zooming in on it.

This was at sunset time that this photo was taken, and I witnessed it again in the western sky without a camera.

Personally, I believe this could be planet x, or a part of it, but I know what I captured , and whatever it is, it is behind the telephone wire so it is in fact not a lens flare.

The sky was the same color as the original photo on the left hand side of the photo above, and when I captured it late last year, the color of the sky was the same color coming out of this object.

Take note, I did nothing but enhance the original images color, and that’s it! There was nothing edited but the color. Still, no matter what evidence you bring forth, and no matter how many colors the skies produce around sunset time the skeptical people will just laugh and troll our YouTube videos.

For example, we had several people post rude comments about our recent YouTube videos. First, why would someone who doesn’t believe that planet x is a possibility at the very least, listen and watch “Stupid videos on imaginary planets?”.

Why in the world would someone watch a youtube channel about a subject or topic that they don’t like?

Anyways, so here you have the same object being seen twice without a camera, I would definitely say something else is in our backyard, and that something else would explain a lot of things.



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