The Copahue volcano in Chile has cut loose with a blast of ash and gas along the Chile-Argentina border today.

On Saturday morning the eruption took place, which then prompted the Chilean government to hoist a red flag for the Biobio region according to the BBC News website.

Many authorities in Argentina cautioned local residents, as NASA satellite images caught the trace of ash cloud as it streamed east-southeastward over the Argentina desert.


This is the first eruption to take place at the Copehue volcano since 2000. Here is the most recent footage of the eruption that is taking place, courtesy of Russia today:


 Christmas Storm Leaves 6 People Dead

After the wake of a terrible Christmas storm, there are currently hundreds of thousands of people still without power, and many

travelers are experiencing trouble getting home after the holiday’s.

In total, 6 people have died, due to weather related car crashes, as the southern area was hammered by a staggering 34 tornadoes, and a lethal coating of sleet and snow that spread from the south into

the Midwest.
280,000 customers were without power across Little Rock, Arkansas. The extreme weather patterns are not over yet, with winter storm warnings that are still in effect. Approximately 1-2 feet of snow is expected rom Indianapolis to Cleveland to

Syracuse, N.Y. and into Maine.

“Traveling will definitely be affected as people go home for the holidays,” Bob Oravec, lead forecaster for the National Weather Service, told ABC News. “Anywhere from the Mississippi Valley into the Ohio Valley and the Northeast, there’s definitely going to be travel issues as we have heavy snow and some very high winds.” –


Olympic sites in the southern city of Sochi are being checked after a string of earthquakes hit the area, according to a spokesman.

“The President ordered the emergencies ministry to pay close attention to the shocks in Sochi and other cities,”. 3 earthquakes were felt in Sochi since December 10th 2012.

The authorities in the area mentioned that the quakes did not cause any damage to any buildings.

On Wednesday there was a 5.5 magnitude earthquake which hit the Krasnodar region branch. A quake of the same magnitude affected Sochi on Sunday.

 Rare Penguin Like Bird Sight Confirms Magnet Field Twisting 


As mentioned several times before, many animals use the earth’s magnetic field to navigate and migrate to other locations, and when the magnetic field is being twisted by something in space, you see strange news stories such as animals showing up in strange locations that they are not usually seen.

Many bird watchers are flocking to see the glimpse of cold-weather birds making a rare appearance both in Brevard County and in South Florida. In most cases Razorbills are spotted in the North Atlantic areas, but hundreds have flown into Palm Beach County since early December.

“Marshall Iliff of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology tells The Palm Beach Post that razorbills have been spotted in Florida about a dozen times in the past, but usually only one at a time and never in the large flocks seen recently.”



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