One of the worst disasters to ever take place on earth was the Gulf Oil spill, but there are many problems with the original story that was given to the general public. After doing further research into the incident a YouTube by the name of Henning Kemner has created a documentary recently which highlights a potential disaster in the Gulf Of Mexico taking place as we speak.

The evidence that is presented in the video would explain the sinkholes that are taking place in the florida region, and the overall sinking around the Louisiana sinkhole. With the New Madrid region receiving reports of booms and shaking, and the butane container near the Louisiana sinkhole becoming surrounded by water, we are in for some potentially dangerous times.

Here is the documentary, below:


A lot of information in this particular video, and we want to stress that preparation is more important than fear. Many people will form a wall up to alternative information that is presented, but there is nothing to fear if you have a preparedness plan ready for action.

Next, we will go into earth changes for 1/28/2013:


keganA 6.0 earthquake kegan, Kazakhstan took place recently, with a 4.4 aftershock at the time of reporting the earthquake. There are no reports of damages, injuries, or loss of life at the current time.

According ot the Associated press, apartment buildings are swaying in the country’s largest city, Almaty.

The U.S Geological Survey reported that the temblor hit at 22:38 p.m local time on Monday and that the epicenter was in a remote mountainous area near the border with Western China and Kyrgyzstan.

Here is a list of magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquakes according to the U.S Geological Survey feed:

6.0 60km SE of Kegen, Kazakhstan 42.604°N 79.696°E 10.9

Volcano Photo Of The Day

Lava flowing into the Pacific Ocean from Kilauea volcano, Hawaii (Photo: Philip Ong)


In volcanic news a new phase of activity could be in the making at the Tunguarahua volcano in Ecuador. In its latest special bulletin, IG reports an increase in earthquakes, steaming and some minor ash emissions that have taken place in the last few days. In the past 2 weeks the Tungurahua volcano has been maintained a low level surface activity, limited to degassing from the fumaroles in the crater.

From January 24th, a weak steam and gas column has been observed, and it reached a heights less than 1 km above the summit and drifting mainly S and SE.Based upon a history of this volcano increased activity and emissions is expected in the near future.

volcano 4

At the Batu Tara volcano in Indonesia an explosive ash cloud 2.1 km/ 7,000 feet erupted today. The Batu Tara stratovolcano is a small isolated island in the Flores Sea in Indonesia.


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