You have to like prophecies, especially if your interested in researching the evidence for planet X throughout history. From taking a look at different prophecies it’s clear that significant events have taken place on earth in the past, and it could definitely happen again in the future.

Here is a video that talks about different prophecies, and how these prophetic manuscripts could be describing an event that could happen again:

There is an entire video series that was put together for this documentary that highlights some interesting points about planet x. If you are familiar with history, you are aware that many bible’s were being destroyed in the past, because leaders didn’t want their slaves to know anything about history.

The control of information has always been evident in history, and it is not surprise that information about earth’s history could be held back from the public as well.

Here is yet another video that goes over the Kolbrin bible:

Under Water Cities

under water city

If you go to and you click on the images tab, then type in under water cities, you will see several sources that talk about under water cities. The question that any thinking person might ask, is, how did these under water cities get there? The obvious answer is some type of displacement of water that took place at that time.

under water city

Here is a video of the  Yonaguni Monument pictured above:

You can read more about this ancient monument here.

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