Earthquakes For 2/26/2013

In Loma Linda California, a small earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 3.6 shook the Loma Linda are on Tuesday afternoon.

The U.S Geological Survey recorded the earthquake at 12:18 p.m. It was centered 3 miles southeast of Loma Linda.
The USGS says it received about 60 reports from residents living in the region who felt shaking, San Bernadino, Riverside, Apple Valley, Hemet and Menifee reported feeling shaking from the earthquake.

There were moderate earthquakes that struck in Argentina measuring 4.5 on the Richter scale, another minor earthquake in Antofaagasta Chile on February the 26th.Here is a list of magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquakes from earthquake feed:

26-FEB-2013 14:06:03 -7.03 107.23 5.1 143 JAWA, INDONESIA
26-FEB-2013 17:07:33 19.14 -67.95 5.0 5 MONA PASSAGE
26-FEB-2013 15:57:30 -21.72 -174.30 5.1 37 TONGA ISLANDS
26-FEB-2013 21:43:48 53.01 158.05 5.4 134 NEAR EAST COAST OF KAMCHATKA
26-FEB-2013 20:44:57 26.61 129.14 5.0 28 RYUKYU ISLANDS
26-FEB-2013 19:57:55 -21.44 -179.32 5.2 611 FIJI ISLANDS REGION

 Volcanic Activity 

At the Stromboli volcano in Italy, activity has increased significantly, judging from visible and seismic data. Small overflows of lava are making an appearance again from the North East crater and the tremor is at comparably high levels.
Sabancaya Volcano Peru is showing signs of strong seismic swarm and increased fumarolic activity triggered an eruption warning for the Sabancaya volcano in Arequipa, Peru and the Civil Defense of the regional Government of Arequipa raised the alert level

to yellow, which involves implementing actions to prepare for a probable volcanic eruption. On the 24th of February the Ingemme reported a seismic swarm with 536 earthquakes between the 22 and the 23 of February and also fumarolic emissions from the volcano.

 Horse Gets Stuck In A Sinkhole

sinkhole horse

The poor horse was stuck after falling into a 10 foot deep and 20 foot wide hole, which opened up after heavy rain in Shapton Mallet, Somerset. The good news is that the horse made it out ok, and is now back with the owner.

horse sinkhole 1




Planet X Update



A large unidentified object is apparently approaching earth and is now visible now on Stereo Ahead HI1 imaging. There is a bright image that we can see in the picture, and both of these objects look as if they are heading towards earth.

Just recently there have been reports of a blue object being seen in our skies, as the image below displays.

blue kachina



The same object can also be seen from Costa Rica, which is interesting to say the least:

costa rica


Here is the source of the images that we discovered:

On top of the images showing up on Stereo HI1, we found an interesting video from James Mccanney that talks about getting prepared as something big is headed our way:


Yesterday there was an interesting article that displayed more sightings of two suns in the sky, and asking where is planet X? Here is one of the many pictures that you can check out on their website:

lens flare


The main reason why these images peak our interest is because the object is in front of the clouds, just go through the 11 images that are posted on the website and you will see what we mean.

With all of these recent developments we will continue to try to figure out exactly what is going on, as things are getting very interesting in space.

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