In this article I’m going to cover the origin of the word nibiru, and the word Nebheru translation by an Egyptologist.

I’ll try to be as non-biased as possible and stick to the facts in this article, and you can determine what you think is the truth.

Before I begin to try to decode this it is important to note that there are many different sources that point to nemesis/nibiru/planet x.

This article will attempt to look at two words that are being thrown around out there, and clear some things up. I will also be linking to my references so you can add any information or thoughts that you would like.

Nibiru From Zechariah Sitchen


If you look closely at the clay tablet the Zechariah Sitchen is holding up you can see another planet in our solar system depicted by Sitchen.  This would be the 10th planet, or nibiru.

Here is a short video showing Sitchen discussing the 10th planet:

As a side note, the ankh(meaning of life) of ancient kemet(land of the blacks) otherwise known as Egypt, is to be considered when finding the origins of the cross.

To continue on, there are websites that have disputed sitchens claim that the cylinder seals show another member of our solar system.

However, if the sumerians where depicting a solar system on seal vA243, then there would be an additional member of our solar system.

earth like planet

On top of this, it is a fact that astrologers are finding earth like planets, and planets that should not be there every day. Also, there is currently a lot of buzz about the brown dwarf/planet 9.

planet that should not be there

This is where things can get messy, because pluto was suddenly not included as a planet, but the new planet 9 would be the 10th planet just like sitchen stated.

The vatican library as well as the high degree freemasons, have access to information that the general public does not have.  You have to present documented qualifications in order to go inside, so not just anybody can go inside.

“The Vatican Library is open to anyone who can document their qualifications and research needs”. Wikepedia

The reason why I mention this, is because sitchen was apart of the masonic order, so he might have known all about the 10th planet indeed.

Sitchen was obviously an alternative news source, because many  nibiru researches didn’t know anything about him until they started researching nibiru.

But even in alternative news you have truth mixed with lies, with 90% of the information being true, and a small percentage being lies.

Now lets look at the numerology behind zecharia sitchen, and his background. Note, in this current era, it is crucial to know if a source is involved in deception, so let’s take a closer look.

Numerology Behind The Zecharia Sitchen

Gematria is no perfect system, but some things are just not a coincidence in this world we live in.  Before I get into Sitchen, let me highlight some research that I did on a local church in my area (my source is

The Church is located on a 3333 address, if you separate the 3’s you get 33 and 33 twice.  Also 3+3+3+3 =12 1+2 =3 , and you get one more 3.

The word Demonic church shares the the same Gematria as Glenn Colley the speaker at the church: 744 and 124.  Son of satan 744 124

False inspiration 610 shares the same jewish gematria as Glenn Colley the speaker.

Date of church speech: 9/11 just like September 11th/emergency number.  I found it interesting that this meeting would begin on the memorial of September 11th.

I do not believe that is a coincidence, because in the world of the occult, they feed of the sad energy from bad days in history.

The date of the church Meeting is through 9/14 9+14 = 14 breaks down too 1+4 = 5 , and the name of church is called Church of Christ = CC = 33 in pythagorean numerology.

pythagorean numerology

Heart To Heart (834,139 )  a word phrase on the panthlet, shares the same english gematria as freemasonry. So, can you see how these things can connect a little bit too well?

Back to Sitchen, his last name Sitchen in pythagorean numerology equals : 33 ( download the software to see for yourself)

In Jewish Gematria which is the practice of coding words into numbers the behenian occult star = 870

In Jewish G Zechariah Sitchen = 870

So not every search at, is going to be related to the word searched, so you have to dig a little bit deeper sometimes.

Here is a short video revealing more on Sitchen, with the handshake of the not so secret societies:

This link here has more information on the world of freemasonry : Russianvids

Anyone who doubts Sitchen is understandable, however looking at the physical evidence of advanced civilizations, recent news, and so on.

I would say that there was an advanced society that once existed and there is another planetary body out there. The word nibiru might not be accurate, because there is an akkaidian dictionary that only shows words related to nibiru as nebertu, and neberu:


Here is the link to this dictionary here (page 167):  Cad

Next, let’s look into the word Nebheru by looking back into ancient kemet (Egypt)…

The Word Nebheru Decoded

gigal research

I came across this doing some searches, and found an Egyptologists saying the following about the word nibiru and it’s meaning:

“In ancient Egyptian “Neb Heru” /NEBHERU/ House of Horus/Venus was known to have had different places in the solar system in the past before stabilizing.”

“Horus / NEBHERU / Venus was then considered a new bright sun which seemed to go back and forth to Earth throughout times.
So the so called “Nibiru” is not another planet, it is Venus in the past according to the Ancient Egyptians and what happened is past.”

She also states that Sitchen could not give reference to the word nibiru in the Sumerian texts.

I found this information interesting, but who exactly is Antoine Gigal? Is this even a real name? Many Antoine males have a first name of Antoine.

In English Gematria Angelina Jolie = 684

In English Gematria Antoine Gigal = 684

Is there a connection? Well, you be the judge:


There could be some relation, and keep in mind, Angelina Jolie has visited Egypt a lot in the past, with the recent  acting in the gods of Egypt movie. Don’t believe there is a connection? Please visit this website here:  Wellware1

Wellware1 connections are not perfect, but I do see the connections in many of these cases.

The first name Antoine in Pythagorean numerology = 33

Gigal in Chaldean numerology = 11 , so these are two significant numbers in freemasonry just as a note.

Antoine Gigal in simple Gematria = 114 , the reflection of that is 411.

  • Mk Ultra = 411
    Masonic Grand Lodge = 411
    Satanic Megalomaniac in Jewish G = 411

More research has to be done into the work of Antoine Gigal….

Here is a photo of Antoine and Carry Cassidy from project Camelot :



odd handshake


In Conclusion

Nibiru -There is still a lot more to understand, but at the bare minimum, I can say that the word nibiru might not be as accurate as other names given to a celestial body in our solar system. What if sitchen wasn’t accurate about the name nibiru, but most of the other information is accurate?

Nebheru – The true spiritual meaning of the Egyptian translations may not be known, but translation is what we have to work with at the moment, so time will be needed to study these, as well as the Medu Neter.


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  1. The problem I have with Sitchin is that he is the one dominant source; and not only that, but he has benefited financially from his books pushing his theories. He is also an Israeli; there are more than enough rumors on the internet about how he was an Mossad agent.

    The only “opposition” seems to come from Michael Heiser; if Sitchin’s theories are true, why are there not multiple sources out there who have transcribed the Sumerian texts and who can corroborate what Sitchin says.

    No one in this reality who is really telling the truth lives to profit from it; if one is allowed to accumulate wealth and live to spend it, then he/she must join the satanic brotherhood.

    That’s not to say that the Earth doesn’t have a binary twin and there is not an incoming solar system; why was Sitchin allowed to live and Robert S. Harrington eliminated?

    I think Planet 9 and Planet 7X are also psyops. So currently there are three incoming bodies: Nibiru (Planet X), Planet 7X and Planet 9.

    Do they have the technology to create a “new sun” (Project Lucifer).

    I don’t know; but the psychopathic satanists are all members of the Saturn death cult; is this where CERN enters the picture (creating a wormhole to Saturn)? Velikovsky believed that Saturn was our original Sun.

    How many earth changes are genuine and how many are manufactured?

    I just don’t believe much of anything anymore.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Great points, and thanks for the links, I feel the same way, I don’t know what to trust as well. It has made reporting from
      mainstream news sources harsh, but I’ll continue on…

  2. I have several problems with Sitchin; first there is he gives a 3600 year cycle for the return of Planet X. What other proof do we have to verify this time period? It makes more sense to me that the “return of Planet X” is based on the cycle of the precession of the equinox.

    [quote]In the introduction to his book The Holy Science, Sri Yukteswar describes an interesting variant of the Hindu theory of ages. According to him,

    …the sun, with its planets and their moons, takes some star for its dual and revolves around it in about 24,000 years of our earth-a celestial phenomenon which causes the backward movement of the equinoctial points around the zodiac…

    With regard to the 24,000 year cycle, Frawley begins like Yukteswar by ascribing the cycle to the sun’s revolution around a companion star.[/quote]

    Sitchin also describes Nibiru as the 10th planet of our solar system. Again it makes more sense to me to think of Planet X as the outermost planet of the Sun’s binary twin system.
    I’ve always thought that the Sun’s binary twin is Sirius. What is interesting in the link below is the author’s interpretation of Nibiru in this context.

    [quote]What can be seen clearly here is that the term Nibiru is being used to describe a star, that this star sets the course of the other stars, that is to say that it is the source of their precession, and that it is the crossing point.

    It is my supposition that Nibiru is referred to as a “crossing point” because when the Sun passed apastron and began its opposite revolution, Sirius would cross the sky. Not only did this crossing of Sirius mark the turning point in the Sun’s orbit, but also the turning point in the Yuga cycles.[/quote]