The Neumayer station has received a lot of attention lately with some people believing that they see the mysterious planet x object that is in our solar system. You can check out the Neumayer station for yourself by clicking here and finding different camera angles to come up with your own conclusion.

Images and video can be very challenging to verify, and you see these images and videos all over the internet. Here are a few images from which claim to be images of planet x.

planet x photo's

you can check out more of these planet x photo’s at the website here. There are youtube videos of people posting images and videos of planet x and it is possible to fake a video and especially an image, so the conclusion we have come to is getting a quality telescope, and taking a long look into the sky.

Here is yet another video of the Nuemayer station:


Revenge Of The Troll


There are a lot of trolls on the internet, who spend their time trying to make planet x videos look like spam. But the reality is that they make claims, without having anything to back up those claims. Because of these trolls, you have people who don’t know what is real, and don’t know what is fake.

Don’t be misled by these trolls, research all claims that are made on EarthshiftX and think for yourself. As far as the Neumayer station is concerned, the video can be edited, however, if planet X is much closer than we all think, it doesn’t make sense to try to cover up the station.


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