Earth booms traveling across the entire New Madrid area, seismologists speaking of the New Madrid being over due for an earthquake that could devastate the region. All of the signs of the new Madrid making its adjustment and causing a tear in the United States are becoming more frequent and obvious.

One researcher that has put together the pieces of the New Madrid puzzle recently published a video that reveals even more signs of a cover up taking place, as well as where these earth booms have been taking place:


Conspiracies about the super bowl, have also ran rampant on the internet today, as many people are predicting some type of explosion or sinkhole opening up in the area of the super bowl. There have been movies as well as numerological events have have taken place before, which make some believe something is going to be staged in order to invade a country and take it’s resources. Some of these conspiracies have been wrong in the past, however there is evidence that some conspiracies were a conspiracy fact, and not just a conspiracy.

All eyes will be on the super bowl, as some researchers feel as if there are subliminal messages being put in place to let people know what will happen before it happens. All conspiracies aside, we do know for a fact that the entire area where the louisiana sinkhole has formed, is sinking, and there is a butane container in the area that is also nearby.

Here is a video that highlights the butane container in the area:


Could there potentially be a chain of events where the New Madrid rips, and then the butane container explodes? We are not sure that this will happen for sure, at the time all we can do is bring forth evidence of what we can verify. Let’s look at a map of the distance between the super dome where the football game will be held, and the area where the sinkhole is located in Asssumption Parish.

85 miles awayThe distance between these two locations is significant, so it’s hard to believe that an explosion in one area will affect another area. For now, those living in the New Madrid fault zone should be on high alert, and have an earthquake kit prepared right now. Nobody knows for sure when the New Madrid will make it’s adjustment and erupt so be prepared as soon as possible.

With all of the recent earthquake swarms, and 6.0+ earthquakes that have affected different parts of the globe, along with earth booms, the Louisiana sinkhole growing everyday, methane gas shooting out of the earth, sinkholes swallowing buildings whole in China, super volcanoes showing activity, and extreme weather swings, what will take place within the next few months? 

There was a significant tornado that rolled through Adairsville, Georgia the other day, here is video footage of the tornado:


Of course this is just a taste of what is to come, as many of these recent events will most likely continue. Taking preventive measures can mean the difference between life and death in these times.

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  1. heard a terriffic “earth boom” last nite right about 8:30 that really freaked out a lotta folks!! we live right on the new madrid faultline, and sounds like that make us more than a little nervous. gonna go check my water supply…